Guild Task Priorities

I’m failing to see how this new system “helps” tell people where to donate gold.

In SNR, I would like 6/12 of each task completed. I had it set at a lower priority evenly, then changed it to a higher priority and saw no difference.
I believe one of the tasks should shimmer. So perhaps this actually a bug. A simple change in categories if it is.

Platform: Steam

Based on the pictures, I believe this could simply be a misinterpretation of what it does.

I think it works like:
If you put red at highest prio, blue at lowest prio and everything else at the same (mid) prio, it will flash red until it’s completed, then starts flashing everything but blue until they are completed, and only after all that is done, it highlights blue (or maybe not even, cause blue didn’t have any priority set at all in this hypothetical case).

If you put red at prio 1, blue at prio 2, green at prio 3, I believe it would work like this:
Green flashes. Once all green tasks have been completed, blue starts to flash. Once all blue tasks have been completed, red starts to flash.


The Guild Task with all 6 boxes filled will glow to indicate the Task with the ‘priority’. This works for most Guilds to help them prioritise which Task to complete first before moving onto the next one. If you would like all Tasks to be prioritised you can highlight all 6 boxes.


If you all get a chance to revisit this (awesome!) priority system, I would like to see a small addition to the screen. Place a small drop down box between the text and the priority bars that marks at which level the game considers the task “complete”. The current system works really well for guilds that finish all 12 tasks in a color, but I don’t know if it’s as good for guilds that don’t make it to 15 million gold in a week.


+1 to what Grundulum’s suggesting, and what AW expected, as GM of a guild that doesn’t finish all tasks, and doesn’t usually plan to finish a single task before contributing to any of the others (i.e., I wouldn’t want us to end up with our Blue task at 12/12, our Red task at 3/12 if it was the second priority, and then the rest at 0/12).

As it stands, I only use the Goals tab if I want to micromanage contributions a little.

How I imagine it might work:

  • If I set Blue at 10/12, and the rest at 7/12, to begin with, all tasks (or none) would be glowing.
  • As soon as one task progressed to 1/12, it would stop glowing (if it was), while the rest would start/keep glowing.
  • If another task was brought to 1/12, it too would stop glowing, with the rest continuing to glow until even with the highest unfinished (re: the predetermined level) task.
  • Any task would stop glowing if it reached its goal, obviously (e.g. if one task was at its goal of 4/12, and the rest at 6/12, but not yet at their goal, the 5 other tasks would still be glowing).

Perhaps there could be two settings for contribution goals - Balanced and All Or Nothing (sorry if this would be too many options/confusing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).


Yeah… This “feature” doesn’t make any sense to me.
The guilds that complete all tasks need to be told which tasks to complete first? What kind of micro manage :poop: is that?
I totally thought that each box meant 2 tasks and that it was a way to tell you guild how many exactly of each task you want completed.
Hate to be even more negative about 4.2 but as this feature stands currently. It’s just a waste of code.

To get this.

I just have to adjust this every day at least. Cause that’s convenient. 🤦

I like the idea of a Balanced or All or Nothing setting. I would prefer that setting to only work with each priority, like say Purple and Green are priority 1, blue is 2, and the rest are 3. In All or Nothing, only Purple and Green will shine until both are fully completed. Balanced would only have the lower of the two (or both in the event of a matched level) shine until both are completed, THEN move to the next priority.

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I set my guild’s tasks just after the Monday Reset, then forget it until the next reset. Of course, my guild is LLLLLAAAAAIIIIDDDDD-back. The pros do what they want, (cause they know what helps the most) and the task goals are more for the noobs and the neurotic (like me, who wants to get the Guild Guardians to be all the same level. YAY CDO)

I also thought you set the wanted level in 2 steps xD

I’d assume that guilds that manage the money to complete all tasks do already have a management. And just the (more) casual guilds would need a guide/tip/hint where to put the money. Some don’t even read the chat.

BTW why do you take photos of your monitor and don’t use F12 when you’re running it in Steam?

Cause I didn’t.