Enforce Or Lock Selected Priority Guild Task Donations! [Optional Setting]

Greetings, @Sirrian and the rest of developers!

I have a simple proposal.
We already have the priority-based system that shows what we Task should be given an advantage over the others. However, players can still disregard this for various reasons.

I am suggesting that you add the optional setting where you can select what Tasks are possible to invest in by order and color of the Task and to what level. The only difference is that this is now enforced.

Again, this setting would be optional, not mandatory!

I am only suggesting this because of some people that disregard clear and direct instructions that come from the top.

Rough Summary:
Optional Task Lock/s

  • invest by order: Regular/Epic (selected Task Color column/s)
  • invest by level (Lock: 1-12)

Thank you,
Bronka [Mean Machine]


@Saltypatra QOL thing here for guild management, please add it to the list.


We asked for this when the details about update 4.7 were announced. They never even acknowledged what was being asked for. Maybe it’ll get through this time…

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I really want this. People don’t care about “shiny” things, they donate to whatever they feel like, regardless of what the goals of the guild are.


Of all the things you can ask to be worked on, really? Gold is an overwhelmingly free resource, just farm it and spend where you’d like. If you’re busy to farm gold and you want to tell others how to spend their own resources, you could always kick ppl. Just remember to post on guild info that the guild leader will instruct you on how to play the game and compliance is not optional. Or farm for your own resource goals.

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Guild managers have been asking for this for a long time. So, don’t hold your breath.


If any of what you said made any logical sense, they wouldn’t have bothered to code guild task priorities at all.

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I think it’s a great idea, especially as an optional setting.

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