Guild Task "Goals" isn't enough

Right now I have the Goals set to max on everything except Epic Blue and Epic Brown.

And yet…

People keep donating to Blue and Brown! Why? Because the requirement to close/finish, for instance, task 4 of Brown was 300k, but it’s 850k to close task 12. So they think “Well, I can’t complete Yellow, so I’ll complete Brown instead.”

If I could permanently lock the tasks so they -can’t- donate to them, I would. Brown is so colossally bad – epic ingots are terrible, and blue is right up there too with its chaos shards.


Yeah, this system is pretty pathetic. The guild should be able to lock out task that they don’t want done to focus people to the tasks that they do, but this would entail too much work so likely we won’t see it until 2026


There is a bit of a social aspect, some members might value these resources.
In a compromise I would suggest making these tasks locked until all others have been completed.

There are three tiers of weapons people use: legendary, mythic, and doomed.
There are three tiers of weapons people don’t use: common, rare, and epic.

The only good use for epic ingots is for kingdom requirements of upgrading weapons. That’s it. No one is actually playing with them for any reasonable amount of time. In other words: people in guilds that can actually complete Epic Brown tasks probably don’t have players that still need epic ingots.

It is trivially easy to get legendary ingots from PvP and delves as well, and legendary weapons are handed out like candy.

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6 tasks = 6 Priorities prior to 4.7 :white_check_mark:
12 tasks = 6 Priorities after 4.7 = lazy ass or cheap ass programming


I imagine it was a case of “Let’s add epic tasks!” After months of working on them and close to release date, somebody goes “Oh, wait, there’s task priorities. What are we doing about that?” “Well, not enough time to do it right, we’d have to change the UI to add 12 priorities. Let’s just add the new tasks on the same UI and call it done”.

I feel your pain, we have the same thing in our guild. I know why people do it though. Some of our members find the most valuable resources from tasks are keys. They donate to the early epic tasks to get the keys from them.

It would make my life easier if I could just lock where the gold goes. But tbh, this seems more fair - who am I to dictate how members spend their gold? If they want to buy some overpriced epic ingots, maybe they should be able to.

The priorities are divided tho, so if your guild rates the 6 epic and 6 basic tasks 1 thru 6 seperately, only 1 of each will be highlighted.

For example, my guild rated Basic tasks Blue, then Brown (only because its Guardian needs to get to 100), then Yellow (also lagging), etc. Epic tasks is Red, then wgaf, we ain’t gonna finish Red. So, currently Brown and Red are the only highlighted ones, and the donation screen jumps to Brown, with the Epic Red visibly flashing.

I therefore don’t see the need to have 12 choices. Locking Tasks would help more.

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