Please add 12 task priorities and better rewards. :-)

We had 6 task in the past simple to follow with 6 priorities highest to lowest, and now we have 12 task that order 6 Basic and 6 epic which the Epic task cancel out the basic. Order as followed task order or basic, blue, purple, red, green, yellow, brown. Order for epics, red, purple, green, yellow, blue, brown. On reset i set 6 basics in that order but the epic task cancels out the basic fighting basic blue task and epic red task. So why have 6 priorities instead of 12 priorities? Have it programmed where you can set a primary (basic task) and secondary (epic task) goals, primary completed first then activate secondary after primary goals are completed. It’s hard to get Legendary task my VIP level is 14 and i got deathknight armor my level is 1,330 i am a fan but the rewards needs to be better the events only gives orbs of growth 96% of the time and 12,000 gold in the arena and 7,000 to 8,000 gold is to small for everything now. Please upgrade rewards and add 12 priorities. Oh and i am on The Xbox one console. (^_^)

12 priorities would be better than 6, but you can always prioritise them in pairs, like:

priority 1: basic blue and green task
priority 2: epic purple and basic brown
12 priorities would be better, but using pairs (or tripple’s) approach is what you can do to focus guild efforts
i know that for some guilds that’s not the issue as they are doing all weekly tasks, but for most- it will be