Epic Brown Task should drop Shards (Jewels) instead of Epic Ingots

The current Epic Task Rewards:

Every color has something unique to it.

  • Blue gives 307 Chaos Shards (15 Chaos Portals for Delve troops or Delve treasures to upgrade hoard)
  • Green gives 179 Writs (1.79 Deeds for upgrading whatever color kingdom you want)
  • Red gives 13 Tokens (for making badges, which make medals, to upgrade troops or equip)
  • Yellow gives 985 Glory (49 Glory Chests, or purchase weekly Event Keys or Weekly troop)
  • Purple gives 62 White Pet Food (we’ve all been there when you run out of color specific food!)
  • Brown gives… 17 Epic Ingots.

Let’s talk about that last one. I believe it costs 36 Epic Ingots to completely level an Epic Weapon. Correct me if I’m wrong someone. You can also get 3 Epic Ingots from PvP Tiers each week from reaching Tier 6 through 4.

I remember using Epic Weapons. I believe I used Spellfire because it did scatter damage and enchanted your hero. Interestingly some Epic Weapons have traits that you won’t find on any other weapons. For instance, Dragon Slayer has the “Mass Flaming” trait: Burn all enemies. There are a ton of Epic weapons I don’t own as well so I can’t check out all the traits.

Generally speaking though, Epic Weapons are quickly replaced by Legendary and Class weapons, and Ingots for those weapons are pretty easy to come by thanks to Delves and PvP grinding (and the new Mecha Gnome!)

In short, I’m really baffled why we get Epic Ingots from Brown Epic Task. In fact, I would go so far as to say that of all the Epic Tasks, Brown is the one finished last, or not at all, for the vast majority of guilds.

What could be given out instead?

Well… Brown is the color of earth, and every color gives a specific jewel color. Purple does as well, but it also gives white pet food. So Brown could give jewel shards. I think this would complement it well.

  • Every Epic Task gives out color specific Deeds, but Green gives Writs to make any deed
  • Every Epic Task gives out color specific Pet Food, but Purple gives White Pet Food to feed any color pet
  • Every Epic Task gives out color specific Jewels, so Brown should give out Shards so we can make whatever color we want

Wouldn’t this make Epic Brown tasks just a little bit more attractive to donate to?


I used Mace of Malice (Ultra Rare) for the Deathmark over the Epic Brown when I was a Newbie alt …