Suggestion : Change Epic Yellow and Epic Brown Task Rewards

Epic tasks currently have a “base” reward that a good chunk of the player base still need on a regular basis.

Blue : Chaos Shards
Green : Writs
Red : Tokens (for medals)
Purple : Pet Food

and then there are Yellow : Glory, and Brown : Ingots

With the introduction of Delves, the ingot rewards given by Epic Brown tasks are pretty superfluous, due to the fact that we get “daily ingots” for our Total Renown in the Underworld. The rewards for this task are not really worthy of being considered “Epic” rewards.

The same goes with Epic Yellow Tasks. Being rewarded with extra Glory, is incredibly superfluous for pretty much all players, seeing as how we can naturally accumulate Glory through hourly tributes.

Suggestion : Replace the “base” Epic Brown Task rewards with small amounts of Cursed Runes. Players have long made known that current Cursed Gnome spawn rates are not a viable source of Cursed Runes, with many players not able to level up their Soul Forge levels.

Suggestion #2 : Replace the “base” Epic Yellow Task rewards with small amounts of Dragonite. Players have voiced their concerns/issues many times since the introduction of the new Dungeon mechanics that they’re extremely frustrated with the “all or nothing” design.

These two resources are currently needed by the vast majority of the player base and the introduction of a “steady drip” of these resources (as has been suggested by others) would go a long way in restoring faith in the game.

TL;DR Change base rewards of Epic Yellow tasks to Dragonite and Epic Brown tasks to Cursed Runes


I’m not as convinced of this given they are Epic Ingots… Renown rewards are mostly Common Ingots (exact distribution not researched) and even at +30 Ingots per day (if that’s even possible) you’d still need up to 30 days to craft them into just one Epic Ingot.

I’m in the minority, having finished all currently released delves, but at 90k renown, I receive 68 daily ingots. A lot of them are indeed common ones, but a number of them are other rarities as well. Even at half of the renown I currently have (around 45k), players would still receive a fair number of ingots that could potentially be of higher rarities. And this would be on a daily basis.

Players also currently have the option of finding and hunting Mech Gnomes during Vault weekends, to obtain additional ingots. Currently there is no way to get “more” dragonite (it’s just all or nothing for attempts and then the daily shop purchase). I do know that there is a Dragonite Gnome planned, but if its spawn rate is anything like the Cursed Gnome, it will not be a viable source of dragonite.

Edit : Sorry, was sleepy while typing this and upon re-reading it, realized that you are talking about Epic Brown tasks.

Cursed Gnomes currently have a pretty abysmal spawn rate, and with GAP nerfs to rewards, they don’t reward an amount that could be considered a viable source for accumulation.

You do not understand.
Epic tasks were made to paywall legendary tasks, they are deliberately filled with junk rewards so you just effectively waste gold.


That’s not a bad idea, along with adding cursed runes and dragonite as adventure board tasks or calander rewards for logging in daily would go a long way toward relieving the frustration factor that this game introduced as of last year