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A "Mythic" version of a Legendary Task

In case some people aren’t aware, Epic Tasks dramatically changed how Legendary Tasks worked. Previously, guilds only needed to donate gold into each of the six task categories at different gold levels to unlock legendary tasks:

Gold Required Task
5000 1
10000 2
20000 3
40000 4
65000 5
100000 6
150000 7
220000 8
300000 9
400000 10
550000 11
750000 12

Each color required 2.61 million to complete, resulting in an easy 15.66 million to reach Legendary Tasks. After that, each million donated would unlock rewards from the following table:


I believe how this works, although I may be mistaken, is that the game starts on Table 3 and works backward, selecting a non-duplicate reward (and if a duplicate reward is selected, it probably just keeps re-rolling until it gets one that is unique – however, that’s not true for Runes, as they can be “duplicate” as long as they are different colors of runes). This ensures that there will always be 3 rewards (you can’t get, for instance, 850 glory, because if 750 glory is selected, you can’t get glory from the other tables).

Epic Tasks didn’t change what we get from legendary tasks, but they heavily impacted how many legendary tasks we can get, because they added new tiers to complete:

Gold Required Epic Task
100000 1
200000 2
250000 3
300000 4
350000 5
400000 6
450000 7
500000 8
550000 9
600000 10
700000 11
850000 12

Each column there totals 5.25 million – an additional 31.5 million to reach legendary tasks. To “make up” for it, they constructed the rewards to be “sort of” like legendary tasks. Here are all of the rewards:


As you can see, like Legendary Tasks, we get Gem Keys, Glory Keys, Event Keys, and Arcane/Runic Traitstones from these Epic Tasks. In fact, the only thing you can’t get from Epic Tasks that you can from Legendary Tasks is Legendary and Mythic troops. If it wasn’t completely obvious to you: Epic Tasks were entirely a way to keep players from getting Legendary and Mythic troops too quickly.

There are of course things you get from Epic Tasks that you don’t get from Legendary Tasks, such as Jewels, Pet Food, Deeds, Chaos Shards, Writs, Tokens, and Epic Ingots. In fact, there are things you get from basic tasks that you don’t get from either epic or legendary tasks, such as gold keys, souls, gems, and diamonds.

Do we need more ways to keep us from Legendary Tasks? Absolutely not. I’m not a huge fan of Epic Tasks. In fact, every week, we fill all Epic tasks except Brown (because Epic Ingots are useless) and save that 5 million for Guild Wars week to help us get a good number of Legendary Tasks (and I’d recommend everyone else do the same, you’ll stockpile an extra 5 million per week for essentially a bonus 15 legendary tasks in guild wars week!)

Mythic Tasks

Since Epic Tasks drained a ton of the fun out of Legendary Tasks though, can we make Legendary Tasks FUN again? I think so! How? Well, here’s my vision…

Whenever a Legenadary Task is completed, there will be a chance for the next task to a MYTHIC one instead. Mythic Tasks are very special because they are completely random. You never know when the next task will be a Mythic one instead! And they aren’t completed in the same way as other tasks.

Mythic Tasks would require twice the amount of gold to complete – 2 million – but one person alone can’t complete a Mythic Task. Instead, they will require donations from at least five different members and the maximum that one person can donate is 400k. That means five people could each donate 400k and complete the task, OR ten people could each donate 200k, or one person could donate 400k and five others each donate 320k.

The goal of a Mythic Task is to get the guild involved in completing something together, without one person barreling through. Now, do I think that there’s anything wrong with that? No, not at all. If someone wants to donate 20 million in one go to complete 20 legendary tasks, that’s awesome. But I also think that’s a very “solo” activity that doesn’t really reflect the nature of a guild.

They wouldn’t be Mythic Tasks without Mythic Rewards though…


What do you think? Do you think this would be a fun way to make completing all Epic Tasks interesting, because instead of just doing the same old legendary tasks over and over, you have a chance for something more? I think it would spice things up a bit!