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Legendary Task Rewards

It could be nice to do some stats about the rewards.
Mythic troops seems interesting but if it’s a 0.000001% chance… not that’s much.
And apparently, only 20 guilds are concerned by this new task.

So let’s share our data to know all the probabilities of this new task ;-).

Please provide also your guild name (to avoid data from the same guildmates) and also the rewards for each Legendary task (not the sum of few tasks). Thanks ;-).

Update 30/10/2016 with 82 tasks:


One Legendary Task complete, payout- 10 glory keys, 6 gem keys, 2 event keys. :disappointed:

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… OK I think the ranges need to go. Its already randomising between a bunch of different things, may as well be the same value. Y’know, so it’s not utterly demoralising.


3 tasks completed. 6 arcane stones and all kinds of keys.

Holy shit! Call the police, man! You’ve just been robbed, had your trousers pulled down and then spanked.


There are not actually any “real” ranges being used - we wrote it like that in the patch notes for conciseness… the legendary task pulls once each from 3 tables (starting with the last table first, and not picking duplicates):


  • Gems x25
  • Glory x200
  • Glory Keys x10
  • Gem Keys x2
  • Event Keys x2
  • Guild Seals x100
  • Minor Rune x20
  • Arcane Rune x2


  • Gems x35
  • Glory x300
  • Glory Keys x15
  • Gem Keys x4
  • Event Keys x2
  • Guild Seals x140
  • Minor Rune x30
  • Arcane Rune x4


  • Gems x60
  • Glory x500
  • Glory Keys x25
  • Gem Keys x6
  • Event Keys x4
  • Arcane Rune x6
  • Legendary Troop x1
  • Mythic Troop x1

And the probability is the same for each entry?

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No chance. That would be 1 in 8 for a mythic :champagne:

No - they’re weighted… as usual we’re not giving out the weightings as we may adjust them (plus giving out weightings just generates support tickets for our poor support team, of the type “It says 10% chance, but I did 10 things and never got one”)

For example, Mythic Troop is a small chance, as is Legendary Troop & Guild Seals. Gems are reasonably common.


While not as bad as the daily tasks on console those rewards are bordering on ‘what’s the point, pass’


Okay so this topic can be useful to estimate the weights ;-). Just to be sure.
I hope that you don’t change often the weights :stuck_out_tongue: .

Please, add your guild name when you give your rewards to avoid that two members of a same guild give the same information. Thanks :slight_smile: .

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@Sirrian, although I appreciate your efforts to give the top guilds more ways to spend their gold, I have to say; I just can’t justify spending that much gold for a chance at any three items on your table. I know that you will monitor it and adjust accordingly , so I’ll let it rest at that.


1m / 30 = 33k. Don’t think what you get is worth 33k?


To me…no. Value is still value to me.


Agree with @Mariox.

33k means 111 gold keys. So it’s up to you if you prefer gold keys than these rewards ;-).

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Assuming that everyone in your guild will donate 33k. How many times in the past as everyone in your guild donated the same?


That makes more sense then…

Exactly, none. But we are quite balanced. We have some outliers but else, everyone gave at least 450k golds. Of course, this situation was due to the cap ;-).

Assuming an average donation is the best than we can. You may be a top gold contributor or the opposite (and so, received a lot of free stuffs).
In the worst situation, you do it only by yourself but it means that you “give” some rewards to your guildmates. Is it really that bad?

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I think that I’m just salty because I ponied up the entire 1 mil myself. When that’s the case all of the rewards on that table combined isn’t really worth the gold. You’re right however that it isn’t really that bad when it’s done collectively at 33k per.
Here’s some more stats for you…
Match Masters
2nd completed task- 10 glory keys,30 trait stones, 6 gem keys
3rd completed task- 100 glory, 6 gem keys, 2 event keys
4th completed task- 100 glory, 1 Legendary troop, 2 event keys


Black Dragon
Task 1: 2 event keys, 15 glory keys and 6 gem keys
Task 2: 2 event keys, 15 glory keys and 6 gem keys

Pretty underwhelming. However, I expected it would be since the original point of the nerf was to lessen the flood of resources to the top guilds.

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