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Epic Tasks instead of LT

I think the tasks completed after standard tasks should be called Epic Tasks. Calling them Legendary is misleading. I don’t know if there’s been yet another Nerf to them. But our “LT” so far today have been lack luster at best. I wasn’t intending to keep track of them so the sample size is just the past 10 hours. I’ll pay closer attention next week.
Separate tasks, just got the exact same one back to back.
10 million gold = 40 glory keys, 10 gem keys, 16 event keys, 2250 glory, 2 legendary troops and 6 TS (could be runic or Arcane, there’s no way to tell from collected mail.)
Epic at best… certainly not legendary.

Just collected. 🤦😅

Those are some really poor rolls for keys in general… The glory rolls were the highest (i’m not sure if you can earn more than 750 glory) in some tasks and having two Legendary cards/troops out of ten is not so bad i would say.

From your recall bias was your guild getting more legendaries and Mythics out of the tasks? Or it’s just the amount keys being too low?

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I want a mythic task lol, one with gems in it, you know like we used to have, I would pay more for it


How am I supposed to answer this?
I either deny recall bias. But then have no data to provide.
Or I admit recall bias and cannot offer an answer due to the recall bias…

Just treat it like it is. What you remember usually would involve some low amounts of keys, it happens, but too many in a row like that? Have it happened a few times or just as of late this seems more serious?

My guild just had three LTs a few moments ago and we did got at least one with 40 Glory keys, but the two other were also poor… Maybe things will turn better for you later this week, but who knows for sure?

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with this set of tasks. A decently long streak to go without getting 50 glory keys or 8 gem keys as your table 3 reward, granted (and a high amount of legendaries), but nothing here isn’t outside the values possible since the last change over a year ago.

I don’t what more I can say than what I addressed in the OP already.

Would you consider them legendary in nature? Or would Epic be a better desrciption? :smiley:

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Getting 2 Legendary troops in just 10 Legendary tasks is not that bad IMO.

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image was our last two legendary tasks, the rest we have done so far look pretty similar to most of yours. Seems like normal to me for us this week

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Whoa there buddy. Last time I suggested the devs don’t use rarities to qualify rewards that don’t line up with said rarities, it resulted in a huge flame war and the thread had to be closed. Tread carefully, someone’s liable to throw a dictionary at you. One that conveniently doesn’t have the GoW definition of “legendary” in it.

For me, Legendary tasks are just an exchange for excess gold. My guild never do for more than 10 a week, but I’m happy with it, as every combined million gold will turned to everyone’s next Mythic’s chasing resource instead of sitting there on each players’ hoard.

So I’m glad for whatever they drop. Any Legendary/Mythic troops would be amazing. Traitstones is the worse for end-gamer, but for some players who didn’t trait all their troop yet, it could still quite useful.

But changing it to Epic task, it might start to drop Epic troops as well, which wouldn’t be that amazing…

Still mad? Lol

Yeah, the OP is pretty much do the exact same thing as you. (get bad rewards, nitpicking on the adjective word)

Although, OP did put the post in the correct category, and he have a guts to admit the point of his post, so I see nothing wrong here, as he doesn’t hurt anyone, unlike you.

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Legendary tasks can give legendary or mythic troops. The rewards are pretty random and, yes, often feel poor. Especially for those of us ancient enough to remember the gem-rich days of olde when legendary tasks gave great rewards, pre-nerf.

However, a thread devoted to quibbling over the name seems a new height of pointlessness… other than venting over a bit of a bad luck run… in which there were two legendary troops in ten tasks? Bah, whatever…

It was only 14 months ago that they stopped being “legendary”.

May I direct your eyes to this.
I’m expressing my feedback to the devs. Those who want to discuss it here so be it. But the overall point is… Make Legendary tasks better. Or change the name to be a more accurate portrayal of them. Something, that is definitely not “pointless”.

How about Ultra-Rare tasks :smiley:

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It continues…:roll_eyes:
Back to back same exact tasks. Second time today this has happened.

10 million gold = 1200 glory keys, 300 gem keys, 480 event keys, 67500 glory, 60 legendary troops and 180 traitstones.

There are 30 people recieving these.


Not gonna argue again with the overall sentiment of this thread…

However I will correct this part: the reference to ancient days (when guild tasks spouted lots of gems) goes back much longer than 14 months.

Some of this was on the old forum site, so I cannot check, but as I recall chronology was something like:

  • guild tasks back in say 2015 used to be far fewer in number, and had a cycle of three repeatable tasks with total cost 36k gold, that gave out gems as well as keys etc
  • these got massively nerfed (I guess during 2015) because the highest guilds were mining the system and getting thousands of gems per week for free
  • I think this created legendary tasks, repeatable at 1m gold each (but may be wrong here)
  • in September 16, update 2.1 reworked all tasks, giving us 6x12 weekly tasks, and got rid of legendary tasks for a time
  • shortly after, legendary tasks were re-introduced, at 1m gold as they are now

…all a bit academic now and just showing my age - but there was a time when when repeatable guild tasks spouted loadsa gems… and I was lucky enough to be in MatchMasters (#1 guild back then) for some of that time…

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I was just saying that gems were removed from Epic Tasks about 14 months ago. It wasn’t that long ago to remember how much better they were. Since then, multiple game modes that Require gems in their shops have been added. A new way to invest gold has been added. Yet, Epic Tasks are still the same since the official nerf. Or possibly nerfed again…
Thanks for the history lesson though.

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