Legendary tasks, not so legendary?

How can we justify 1 million gold, for 1 Gem key, 1 event key and 6 arcanes at this stage of the game? It’s not like these rubbish rewards are one off occurrences, having had a nosy through my claimed mail today, i noticed a terrifying pattern of the frequency, in just 10 mails 9 of them contained the same quality of reward. With 1 containing 50 glory keys… Absolutely positive the rate of mythic drops from LT’s have drastically decreased too which feels counterintuitive considering the rate new mythics are being added into the game.

I can’t be the only one feeling this way? It’s not like we have nothing to do with our excess gold anymore either?

  1. To be more accurate, it’s 1M gold for 30 gem keys, 30 event keys, and 180 traitstones, one set for every member of your (presumably) 30-member guild.
  2. I have not seen anything to suggest that legendary/mythic rates have been reduced. It is not abnormal to be getting 0 legendaries/mythics from 10 legendary tasks, considering that their rates are 9.5% and 0.5% respectively.
  3. You can certainly choose not to spend gold on legendary tasks and instead buy, for example, gold keys.

Following your logic then, a one man guild or even a half full guild should be getting 2-30 times more resources, but they don’t. So that’s an invalid arguement.
Secondly i spoke about the sample of 10 to highlight the lack of variety in other rewards. My guild complete between 20-50 LTs a week and have not seen a mythic drop in at least 6 months, I’m fairly certain in the last 9-12 months we’ve not had one either.
Thirdly, it’s about the comparative value, a regular task of just 200k would give 5 gem keys and 3 event keys (another 100k and you’ve got 16 glory keys), do you understand my point now?

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I get your point but I think you are basing your point on a false premise. Why do you expect all tasks to be comparative / provide similar values?

With your logic, an epic task costs way more (2x I believe) than a regular task but in many cases provides less resources compared to a regular task. So, should we also revise epic tasks?

The way I look at this is that epic (and especially) legendary tasks are for end-game / active guilds. You don’t do these for the rewards necessarily; you do them because there is not a better place where you can use your gold and it benefits all the guild, in the long run.

In anarchy, we do ~150 LTs on regular weeks and ~250 LTs on gold dump weeks (once every month). That is a total of ~700 LTs in a month.

We got the following mythics recently:

  • October => 3
  • September => 2
  • August => 2
  • July => 5
  • June => 3

As you can see, the rate varies, but we do get 2-3 mythics on average every single month. So, the fact that you have not seen a mythic in the last 6+ months is simply a bad streak combined with the low(er) LT produced in the guild.

Finally, your argument on a 1-2 people guild completing LTs and should get multiplied rewards does not apply at all. LTs is definitely not for small numbered guilds. Ideally guilds should always be ~30 people when completing them. And with this logic, another way to look at what @Qoob suggested is that you are essentially paying 1M / 30 = 33K gold for an LT, which is pretty cheap (another way to read this is that if everyone puts 1M, which can be gathered in parallel, your guild gets 30 LTs).


They have been scam tasks from release.

I would advise ignoring their input, especially after recommending buying gold keys.

It took my guild 1130 LTs to get a mythic on release. No one is going to tell me that was a bad streak, when we were averaging 1 per month prior @100-150 each month. We went to about 100 each month after.

Thing is, the keys are more valuable to anyone in a guild who can get LTs anyway.

Most of these players already have all the mythics — dropping more is just dropping worthless souls.

Gem and event keys, on the other hand, are valuable — they help people maintain their complete collections when new mythics, legendaries, (and kingdoms, soon!) release.

What else would you spend gold on? Hoard doesn’t seem relevant in this situation, and gold keys at least give you gems. My point is not necessarily that gold keys are good, but that you can simply not do LTs if you don’t think they’re worthwhile.

Assuming a mythic rate of 0.5%, the chance of not getting a mythic in 1130 LTs is approximately 0.35%—quite unlucky, but certainly not unheard of.

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I agree with you @Kittymadcow. LT is just a waste of gold for me now. If I need gems, I’d rather turn my gold to gems. I get tons of keys from my favorite mode - GAP.

Even though all LT rewards are basically worthless to me as I have all troops and tons of keys, I’d still rather invest my gold in LTs because not everyone in my guild is in the same position as me. Most of them need every key they can get, plus it puts a big smile on my face whenever we get a mythic troop in an LT, especially if one or more players needed that mythic. But a buff to LTs would still be nice, unlikely to happen though.

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What would be really nice is to take out traitstones, which are generally worthless to anyone who is in a guild getting LTs, and replace them with even small numbers of things that are genuinely valuable like writs, shards or even the occasional doom scroll. That would benefit everyone as end gamers would be incentivised to play to farm for gold and dump it into LTs. So long as you keep the rewards modest it wouldn’t break the game “economy”


I’d say, seeing as they had to gate them behind epic tasks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: