*Legendary Task* Is A Waste

LOL Me, being an end-gamer, Legendary Task offers nothing valuable for dumping 1 million gold into. WHY does this even exist? Arena Mode offers better things than Legendary Task, and we all know how boring Arena is. Legendary Task needs a HUGE makeover.


The trick is to save boatload of gold with your guildmates and then throw it all at once. Lots of keys for mythic fridays and most importantly lots of glory wings/keys that reward gems.


As an end gamer myself…i spend gold on LTs, not really much else i can do with it

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If you multiply the LT reward by the number of people in your guild, the cost makes more sense. If you pay for the whole task yourself, and consider only your own reward, of course it’ll seem not worth it.


I own every troop, I don’t personally benefit much from LTs. But I’m happy to put as much of my Gold as possible into LTs during our monthly dump week so that other guild members can benefit from it. I’m happy to be providing keys, troops, and glory for guildies who need it more than I do.


We did that before until we figured finishing epic tasks every week made more sense for us (we did two to three before and saved for gold week).

I still think it would be nice to have at least a small chance to get something else like writs or deeds for example.

Keys are always nice but most traitstones, for example, are of no use to us anymore.


They really need to do something about traitstones in LTs and gem keys and other places. I get that some people need them but they become useless pretty fast in the overall scheme of things. We don’t really need them in LTs as LTs are typically an end game guild thing.


Legendary tasks need a rework for sure, and I’m not sure how to properly justify changes, but I will try my best.

•add writs, deeds, and gems into the drop pool
•remove trait stones from the drop pool
•double the rate for mythic troop drop rate

Also, after completing after completing 10 legendary tasks, a mythic task opens up, which will cost 10 million gold and can only be opened once per day, and it includes the following: 50 glory keys, 25 gem keys, 15 event keys, 2 colors of each deed, 100 writs, 1 imperial deed, and 100 diamonds, with a 5% chance for a mythic troop.

(Might have gone overboard with the mythic task idea, but it should be somewhat exciting to open it up right?):rofl:


Cool concept, although perhaps not perfectly balanced :yum:

I doubt any real endgamer desperately needs additional glory or additional blue/green keys on top of the normal income amounts. But those are welcome to maintain the amounts you have.

Obviously all of the traitstones aren’t needed and only act as “cheap fillers”. “we” know that. “they” know that. Nothing “we” can do about it. And “they” won’t, because “tHiS wOuLd BrEaK tHe EcOnOmY” as it was once described to whoever believes that.

it maybe makes more sense to dump gold into gold chests and do a braindead opening if the goal is “gems”. sadly you can only open 50goldchests for 1500 gold at once (and it needs multiple clicks). but overall opening

5000goldchests worth 1500000gold gave me 75gems and 2250glory
so 1000000gold is roughly worth 50gems and 1500glory
5000glorychests worth 100000glory gave me 400gems and 5000glory
and two mythics (way more than usual)

with that only as very rough estimates due to the low unboxing numbers I just did you can still evaluate if you feel the 1000000 gold is better invested into a legendary task or not. just keep in mind the legendary task reward is for x30 people normally.
I’m sure someone else did higher number unbox testings and therefore there’s more accurate data out there. but well…