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Legendary Tasks revision

Hi team,
Kindly remove “traitstones” from LT rewards. Any guild that does LTs is certainly not worrying about not having enough traitstones.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not -worried- about them, but I do have a use for them.
Grey area?

You understand what I meant. Right? If your guild is doing LTs, it means your guildmates are averaging 1.5M gold contribution. With all basic tasks and epic tasks completed every week, there is a good in-flow of traitstones. Runic traitstones are very easy to farm, because they’re single color. So exploring the corresponding single color kingdom should get enough of them.

Legendary Tasks have become rare nowadays (after epic tasks are introduced). So, I called for this request.

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so what would you like instead of traitstones, to fill the gap in RNG engine?
maybe souls would do?
or some flat gold ? :wink:

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Haha. I was hoping for more keys? Or, maybe the new resources - tokens, writs etc.

Tokens would be cool.

Just like everything else in the F2P/gacha world, rewards have to be bloated with trash.

If they remove Traitstones from the reward pool, they have to replace it with something of equivalent value. Writs are more valuable because Imperial Deeds are a bottleneck. They’d likely use something like White Pet Food, something that is utterly useless for any mid-/end-gamer who has an active guild that gets regular Pet Rescue events.

Epic Tasks were added to make Legendary Tasks harder to get because the fact that their reward table includes Mythic Troops is considered to be TOO GOOD. The devs addressed this directly during the uproar about Epic Tasks. Therefore, anything that makes the rewards “better” is quite likely to be a hard “NOPE!”, at least not without adding an even larger gold gate.


Writs task and Traitstones task in the daily adventure give a fair idea of their equivalence. LTs need not drop 100 writs, but 10 or 20 whichever is equivalent to the traitstone task could be included.