Legendary tasks are a joke

1 gem, 4 glory, 6 runic…Wow! all that, for a cool million.


Yeah they really screwed the pooch with the legendary task nerf.

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Actually its 30 gem keys, 120 glory and 180 runics for a million :wink:

But yeah, still kinda not worth the effort imho.


As @saski pointed out, for that million that is all the goodies you got x30 (or the amount of players in your guild).

That being said, LTs are still the best thing to spend gold on. It’s nowhere near as satisfying as before, but it’s the best we have.

Both are fallacies for different reasons. You can’t claim your cost was a million, because you didn’t shoulder that entire cost for an average legendary task (unless you are the only one donating to legendary tasks ever in amounts above your guilds minimum). You can’t claim your reward was what you would get if everyone in the guild donated 1 million, because guilds do not donate evenly and rewards are non-transferable. Also, I think you meant Arcanes here, since Runics can’t appear on table 3, and the other two are clearly table 1/2 values.

In terms of a legendary tasks median “value”, a huge amount of it comes from the approximately 1 in 200 chance at giving a random mythic. This means they have less inherent “value” to a given person the more mythics they collect, since they have less and less chance of getting a relevant (new) one. Every rewards system in the game is designed with several diminishing returns gates, so this should come as no surprise. I did the math on the average “value” here: Instead of LTs what about - #42 by Mithran

What I will agree with is that they are somewhat of a joke taken individually, given how extreme the value swings can be. The rewards table should be much more “even” across the board so it feels less like buying a lottery ticket that might give you something you want, or it might give you a small amount of a different lottery ticket that might get you a reward that you actually want, or it might give you a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need. The extreme reduction of table 1 and table 2 values while slightly increasing table 3s made it so that it is uncommon to see something both relevant and in not-insignificant quantities at the same time. I think legendary tasks would be a lot more attractive to people just breaking into them if the reward scheme were a bit “flatter”, so it was more likely that you got something relevant and in not completely insignificant quantities. It is really hard to get excited over a “good” table 3 draw of 8 gem keys or 50 glory keys when you know that doesn’t really amount to anything, or even straight drawing a legendary from a new kingdom that everybody in your guild just got because they saved at least some event keys, or a mythic that is a duplicate (even worse if it is one of the “bad” ones, or even one of the “must have” ones and several people in your guild just finished crafting it).


No, that wasn’t fallacy. He said what was awarded for a million gold. I have corrected him, stating that he should multiply it by 30, as logic dictates that it wasn’t his cost alone, so rewards should be taken as a whole.

i wonder how much gems would net that million put in gold keys?

I’m sure that there was a discussion about this after the nerf; I can’t find it but I think @Mithran and @efh313 were involved… I seem to recall that it was still better to put gold into LTs than gold chests if it’s gems that you’re after

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About 50 gems and 2k glory from about a million gold worth of gold chests. You don’t get any gems from LTs, but LTs are still better if you want mythics, counting for yourself only, unless you are basically the only donor in your guild or have every mythic right now and are VIP5+ and shoulder over a quarter of your guild’s total legendary tasks by yourself.


If it was 30 gem, 120 glory, and 180 runic then I wouldn’t be complaining. We used to complete 50-60 Legendary tasks as a guild. Now it’s more like 30-40.

I am VIP 11 spent over $1000 on this game…Don’t get me started on that topic, I’m a sour grape about that one also.

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Over $1000! :clap: :clap: :clap:

You sir, are playing in a world I can only imagine! :astonished:

PSA: Please read the above with complete sincerity, there is no insult meant to @aarons47. He deserves mad kudos for supporting my habit! And I’m VIP 5 myself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are the #1 guild, each of us donate 1million+. We all work really hard to make these donations. I’ve seen screenshots of my other guildmates, and some are higher VIP the me.
This issue with the gems being nerfed in legendary guild tasks, has fallen by the wayside. This needs to be addressed. I’m tired of people chiming in saying, ‘oh do the daily tasks, do the weekly events, or open more gold chests’. That’s easy for others to say when the play for FREE.

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Thank you for supporting a game I’ve enjoyed. (PS I’m VIP5, so not a high roller)


I wouldn’t consider myself a high roller.

Can I ask what you’ve spent your $1k on? Genuinely curious what people buy.

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It’s still a considerable amount of money on a f2p game though!

Guild keys, Multiple gems deals that spread over time, weapons for your hero, all sorts of things.


VIP 15 costs $8000