Legendary tasks are a joke


While i agree most of the time rewards suck, i still disagree to say they are useless, now the only decent way to get event key is with LT and also 2 day ago we got automnal imp and it was the last one i needed to mythic him, so it’s kinda cool i don’t have to wait for him to get back in the chest.


1 event key with Legendary task doesn’t seem decent, when you can buy an event key for 180 glory.


Yeah if you look at it that way i agree but at the end of the week you get maybe +20-25 event keys, witch is good since we now only get 24 from guild task. And i prefer keep my glory to buy glory bundle since they give me stones and troops


Agreed, but the argument is not with you…


I feel like we as a community of ‘‘High Rollers’’ are getting shafted…


Lt not only give no gems anymore they also give way less of everything else. Before the nerf it was nothing to get about 40-50 event keys from Lt through the week. Now your lucky to get 10-20 through the week.