Certain guild tasks unequally priced

Some of the guild tasks are really out of whack with their costs. For example, the first epic yellow task is 100,000 gold for 125 glory. Whereas the first few regular red tasks offer almost the same or more glory for 5,000 to 20,000 gold. In fact the third red task is 20,000 for 160 glory. That’s just one example but there are multiple situations such as that. The rewards should be considerably higher for spending on the epics.


Epic tasks are generally more expensive than basic tasks.
They are that way since introduction.

They were introduced to limit number of legendary tasks guilds were doing.


This is one interpretation, and one probably over-represented in forums since it’s an end-gamer thing.

As someone who picked up the game after the patch, I am thankful for the chaos shards, writs, deeds, and ingots in my first few months through the game.
Jewels also help to hit Soulforge for specific Epics for kingdom leveling, and Arcane Traitstones accelerate troop progression a little.
Pet food from Purple is the reason no new players are complaining about not having enough food to level up pets.
Now that I don’t need those currencies any more (except writs - imperial deeds are capping progression more than colored deeds), I still find the Tokens (Red epic) useful for completing Elite troops.

And for a true comparison to Legendary Tasks - for every Epic color (12 tasks) completed (5.25M gold), disregarding everything else, you still get 6 event keys and 16 gem keys. So it’s an average rate of

  • 1.2 event key + 3.2 gem keys per 1M gold.

I have seen worse hauls for LTs.
If the Mythic chance from LTs is 1/500 and Legendary chance is 1/25, then it is equivalent to 2 auto-opened “hidden” gem keys per LT, which you can factor into the equation above.

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You would have been more thankful getting 50+ legendary tasks each month and a really good chance at a mythic.

My guild has done over 1000 LTs since 4.7 and gotten ZERO mythics. Before that we averaged 1 per month.

Not only did they add 30 mil plus in tasks with rewards that are trivial at best, but nerfed the hell out of Mythic LTs


Getting a guild mythic is overvalued from a progress optimization standpoint. We waste more vaue from pulling unecessary mythics and legendaries.

I will say that removing the enjoyment for most guilds to pull a mythic from LTs together is quite disappointing.

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Another interpretation: It was added to provide endgame players a place to sink their gold hoards…

But thing is - everything below top end grinding guilds were effectively cut off from LTs. Before they were introduced, i’d say 50-60% of all guilds were able to do LTs without any special effort. With that change, numbers probably dropped to 10% or below that.
Currently, if guild wants to get LTs - an average player is obligated to grind 1,5mln (or was it 2mln?) gold each week. That’s a lot of time spent only on gold farming. Before ETs were added → people would require… 300k/per member? Maybe a bit less/bit more… 300k is what → 100 3-throphy pvp fights (excluding other guild activities, which also give some gold, gold from tributes etc.)

Thing is ETs effectively cut off LTs from casual players who aren’t able to sacrifice enough of their time. Previously they were able to get them once in a while (if not every week).

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I think you grossly overestimate how many guilds complete their basic tasks each week. There are lots of guilds in the game, and many are not very active (see the constant complaining about how many weeks it takes to climb the Guild Wars bracket for a new guild).

And like cyberkiwi above, I am of the opinion that the resources currently given out by the epic tasks are more useful than the old legendary task payouts. As an end game player, I value the keys much more than the 0.1% chance (or whatever it was) to get a duplicate mythic troop. Mid game players will be able to use those keys to acquire more epic troops, which are likely the limiting factor on stars of kingdom power. And everyone benefits from writs and tokens, though I grant that the number of tokens earned through the epic task are fairly easy to acquire by exploring.

Completing the basic tasks is far better for every player in the game. To even start on epic tasks all players must donate 525k and then a lot more on top to even complete the epic tasks but how many newer players are even able to do 1 million+ gold a week? the rewards aren’t even that good. Shards can easily be farmed with daily delves and faction events, ingots through PvP, casual PvP and delves, jewels through dungeons, arcanes through glory packs and explore, writs and deeds require a lot of gold that is also needed just to complete the expensive epic tasks and are needed for faction hoard.

That one is pretty decent.

LT were far better for keys. My guild use to complete a lot of LT each week and I never had a problem getting the monthly mythic and never ran out of keys but after epic tasks came out we now do LT once a month on GW weeks and I have missed 2 mythics and ran out of keys trying for them.

525k per member I think it was.

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