Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (in 4.7)

Here are some cheeky spoilers for 4.7! We wanted to give everyone a head’s up, so please read on…

Guild Epic Tasks

  • We have introduced 6 new Guild tasks, Epic Guild tasks. These Epic Guild tasks are separate from the existing Guild tasks, and will not be replacing them.

  • Epic tasks will cost more than the base Guild Tasks. However the starting rewards will be greater value than Legendary tasks and the final rewards are only a little lower in value than a Legendary task, but overall, when a full set is completed, these new Epic tasks should provide slightly better value and also contain resources useful to end-game players.

  • Epic rewards will give different rewards from the base Guild Tasks:

    • Blue Epic Task - Chaos Shards
    • Green Epic Task - Writ
    • Red Epic Task - Treasure Troops
    • Yellow Epic Task - Tokens
    • Purple Epic Task - Colored Pet Food
    • Brown Epic Task - Ingots
  • When an Epic Task tree is completed it will give a Skill point bonus similar to the base Guild Task.

    • Blue Epic Task - 4 Armor
    • Green Epic Task - 4 Life
    • Red Epic Task - 3 Attack
    • Yellow Epic Task - 4 Life
    • Purple Epic Task - 2 Magic
    • Brown Epic Task - 4 Armor
  • The Guild Task list is now slidable so players can navigate between all the 12 different Tasks. The game will default the list to the first non-completed task in the list (similar to Challenges), to make it easier for Guilds to see which Tasks have not yet been completed.

  • Epic Tasks have a border so they are easy to identify them from base Guild Tasks.

  • Guilds will be able to set the priority across all 12 Tasks in the Guild Admin menu.

  • Guilds will need to complete all 12 Guild Task Trees to reach Legendary Tasks.

  • During the week that the 4.7 update is released, the Epic Tasks will be marked as completed, so any Guild that has already achieved Legendary Tasks for the week will not lose this progress.

(Before you go all illuminati confirmed, no this update will not be releasing next week. :P)


Can you blame us? Valve just announced a new game that doesn’t involve selling hats, so anything is possible.


New currency?
The image looks like a new treasure map


what is a writ?


So now legendary tasks will be harder to unlock? Not sure how I feel about this. Seems like another nerf to tasks/resources? How much more gold will be necessary to unlock legendary tasks now? Double the current amount?


Hmm… it seems that the explanation is missing?

I’m sure writs are probably a new resource to make deeds with.

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God… I hope it is not a new currency.


You mean I now have to create (or rename) a guild named Epic Tasks? :scream:


How much gold does it take to finish them, exaclty? To rephrase, how much LT worth of gold are going to be spent on not-so-useful rewards?

So no traitstones or troops. Less keys. Nice nerf to, like, half the guilds out there. I am sure all the new players are gonna LOVE IT.


This definitely seems to be a nerf to tasks/resources. Very unfortunate.


How many new players are in guilds that reach Legendary tasks each week? My guess would have been that those in such advanced guilds are mostly late- or end-game players, who don’t need traitstones and who already have (mostly) complete troop collections. I don’t think this is a big blow to new players.


we have plenty in our network.
the game punishes players for not joining old\strong guilds anyways, and with people eventually quitting there are always places in mid-range guilds, that are able to complete several LT a week on a regular basis.

And late game player don’t need treasure troops(unless there is a nerf to chaos portals incoming), tokens or ingots either, but here we are.


You all saw nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Endgamers that are interested in upgrading their hoard to higher levels to finish pure faction delves without potions are very interested in getting more high rarity treasures.


Oh no. More treasure maps. I won’t be held responsible if my stack falls on somebody.


how do you know they are of high rarity kappa?

How do you know they aren’t?


Someone elses stack might as well fell on you. :rofl:

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Please tell me 4.7 won’t be out until 2027…