Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (in 4.7)

Holly crap so 54 million gold to get to LTs. Is that correct

How do you get 54mm?

They start at double the Gold (10,000), with the same number of stages (shown by 0/12), so I think he’s assuming they’ll cost twice as much at each stage, which isn’t necessarily an unreasonable assumption. If correct, it should work out to (current cost to reach LTs) * 3; it currently costs 15.9 mil 15.66 mil (as below) I think, though, so that should be 47.7 mil 46.98 mil (as below).

Of course, we’ll probably just have to wait and see how it all plays out (or get some kind of clarification earlier at some point).


15.66 for normal tasks I thought. So if it doubles it will be just under 47 million for them all.

I don’t, that’s why i don’t jump to conlusions.

Well they start at 10k so double the regular ones. 18 x 2 is 36. So 18 for regular plus 36 for epic will be 54

This is nothing more than a nerf to keys, replacing them with less desirable crap.


My point still stands. Some endgamers are interested in treasures. No one knows if they will be low or high rarity at this point.

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Whoa now…is this an out of season April Fool’s joke? I am serious.


There is a small percentage of players who aren’t late enough to be mostly done with existing pure factions and are not able to effectively farm chaos shards but still want to do pure factions and this change might or might not do this specific task marginally easier point?
Yeah, you right, that point is technically correct.

No, it’s not.

So…are they adjusting the gold investment of regular tasks to bring the total investment more in line with how it is currently to complete regular and epic? If they are going to gate LTs behind more tasks without offsetting the cost this is a huge nerf.


Also, I hope there is something new to spend chaos shards on because I am sitting on 25k that are useless to me.


No. You complete regular tasks then epic then you get to LT. They already said epic will cost more. So 50 million give or take

That is some straight up BS. It’s already getting difficult to keep an active guild together with the new grind for medals. Where do they expect all this extra gold to come from? Are they adding a new way to make gold?


That’s a really good question. They haven’t commented on that.

I assume the answer is no. I’d be highly shocked if guilds were able to get all 12 tasks for the current gold price. Looking at the prices shown on the screenshot, it looks like we will be paying a decent amount more in gold before hitting LTs.

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Woooo!!! So 10 writs triples our treasure map bonus!!
Ok, just making shit up too :stuck_out_tongue:

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My initial reaction is that this is an extremely positive change for endgame players, is probably meaningless to new players who never see legendary tasks anyway, and could be slightly bad for midgame players.

The reward list basically reads as a list of everything an endgame player is bottlenecked on; if the rewards are good enough, this will be a fantastic way to reduce endgame grinds. The token tree alone could save hours of grinding per week - or not, depending on how generous it is.

I hope people will give this a chance before complaining too much. If completing all 12 tasks costs around 40m gold per week, that’s definitely doable for a top end guild. Doesn’t leave much room for legendary tasks, but you’re getting meaningful resources instead.

One other thought - even if your guild can’t complete all 12 tasks, this lets you decide as a group what to focus on. You could not donate to the useless soul tree and spend the same amount of gold for better rewards. It looks like you can complete the tasks in any order.


I see a larger power gap between high end guilds with enough gold to complete all the tasks vs anyone that can’t. Oh well…


From what I understand, the offset is supposed to be the resources gained from the Epic tasks, which are supposedly “slightly better value”.