Changes to Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (4.7)

Ahoy, adventurers! As mentioned on stream, we have collated the community feedback and made some changes to the upcoming Epic Guild Tasks. I mentioned this in the original thread, but thought it best o make another official post for those that find wading through over 500 posts daunting. So without further ado, here are the changes.

(Please excuse my super dodgy edit, just posting this before I go and get something to eat.)

The red task which gives treasures will be changed. This is due to the community saying they have enough treasures, largely due to the incorrect drop rates of chaos portals. (Which has now been fixed, and the rates are displaying correctly. You know the story.)

Instead of pulling more treasures, there will be keys included in this Epic Task. You will receive 90 gold keys, 44 glory keys, 19 gem keys, and 17 event keys for completing this task.

This is the compromise the developers came to after I put forward your feedback. I have been collating data (from the forums, social channels, and Reddit) and liaising with the developers during this time, and I want to say thank you for the work and effort you put into presenting your feedback to us regarding the upcoming Epic Guild Tasks.

I know that this solution won’t please everyone, but I do believe it is a fair compromise. The gem value of this task is a little over the gem value of 5 Legendary Tasks. Many players were upset at a reduced amount of keys they would receive by not being able to complete as many legendary tasks in a week, so we introduced this as a compromise that will reward you with an amount of the sought after resources pulled from Legendary Tasks. I know it isn’t necessarily the exact change, or perfect solution that some of you want, but I am very proud of our team for coming up with this compromise, and being open to your feedback. This change means that low to mid-tier guilds will now have access to more keys, as many of them weren’t reaching Legendary Tasks in the first place. It still means that the hardcore end-game guilds will need to complete both the pre-existing and new Guild Tasks to unlock Legendary Tasks, but you will also receive some more keys along the way.

In 4.7 guild seals will also be increased for each guild member, which will mean that more chests can be opened once the update releases.

I know you will all have a lot of questions, but there isn’t much more than I can clarify at this time. I recommend that you swing by our 4.7 Update Preview stream next week to see everything in action, watch me and Ozball discuss the patch notes, and answer your burning questions.

Thank you for your patience during this time. These issues can’t be resolved quickly due to numerous moving parts, and we did our best.


Apologies for being nothing but negative here, however, can we at least change maps into something else? Let’s be honest here, people who play maps aren’t going to see the benefit of the task and for those who have a stash of maps with no use for them it’s slightly annoying to have to dump gold for that. It’s going to bug the person who donated into that task every week after the update.

I would blabber on about ingots too but I think at least a small but visible minority will see benefit from extra ingots. Excess of unwanted resources do seem to be the point of this update.

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In the epic tasks, those are writs (a new resource) not maps.


@Ashasekayi is correct again.

In the screenshot above the green task rewards Writs, which help players work towards Deeds.

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Those aren’t maps, they are writs that will allow you to make deeds. That is a welcome change. I was highly critical of this change, but now seeing they were willing to listen to community feedback and make a change, along with the addition of more seals per week, I think things will be ok. Does it suck my guild still won’t ever have a chance for LTs anytime soon? Yes. However having more seals is very meaningful as most of the mythics I’ve acquired have came from that source. I still wish the epic task cost were more on par with the regular tasks but it doesn’t seem like that will be the case.

I’m in another guild on PC and we do 5-10 legendary tasks a week. Most of the time they aren’t that great but its nice to know there’s still a chance to hit the jackpot. I will miss that, but its possible that jackpot could come from other sources now. Let’s wait and see what the seal count is moving to before judging the patch too soon. This is a step in the right direction and I thank Salty for taking our feedback to the devs.

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As I have been uninformed when making my last post I apologise for my misleading comment and will take back my opinion on the matter . Thanks to all for your helpful responses.

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I will say since the rewards are scaled to the costs, it will be fun. I really wonder how tokens/badges are weighed though, they only have grind value right now as far as I know (don’t disagree with doing less exploring).

Edit: this update might actually be beneficial to guilds who don’t finish all the tasks as they get to choose their resources.

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This is a welcome change, now 3 epic tasks are worth doing every week. Keys/Writs/Tokens for a combined cost (including original 6 tasks) of ~30M. This is of course doable with a 1M req.

I would still advise all guilds to save any gold they earn above ~30M per week and spend all during GW week for the bonus stats and to get some LT’s as well.


I am sure we all welcome the compromise and the seal increase so thanks @Saltypatra for your arbitration and to the other devs and publishers for listening to our opinions. It’s not an ideal compromise but it’s appreciated nonetheless. I think that following 4.7 release, the distribution of guild gold will reflect what the community sees as worthwhile task investment. The keys will certainly help non LT guilds and I think these will be high priority for everyone. Tokens and writs may well see investment from higher guilds but I think the other ETs will be overlooked except during mythic week and in the case of top wars bracket guilds, wars week also, for the stat boost to their teams. Obviously the big gold guilds will have an advantage in wars potentially but saved gold (by doing only specific ETs or none at all) in the intervening weeks gives less productive but competitive guilds the opportunity to gain the same stat boost. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out, but I for one am far more optimistic than I was before the update from salty.

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This change means that low to mid-tier guilds will now have access to more keys, as many of them weren’t reaching Legendary Tasks in the first place.

Unless I am missing something the logic does not hold: If you don’t reach LT’s currently, you wont reach ANY epic tasks


You don’t need to complete the old tasks to start the epic tasks.

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This is really something.
Still thinking that ingots are useless and should have been the target for substitution.
Still thinking that the number of chaos shards is too low.
But at least this will give access to keys to a larger amount of people in lower tier guilds.
given that the change is unavoidable this is a nice compromise.

Most of all thanks for the proof that player’s feedback don’t go (completely) unheard.

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So you are going to skip the cheaper tasks in favor of the more expensive epic tasks and you already can’t do the regular tasks because not enough gold. Yep that makes sense :joy: The improvement does help the guilds that do a hand full of LTs now by giving them more keys instead of treasure as long as the people in the guild put the gold there. The only difference is no shot at a random mythic.

That’s a fair point but such guilds may decide that the new epic key tasks offer more scope for progression than for example the basic green or purple tasks. OK magic +2 is a big deal for some but to lower guilds is it really that big a deal when the majority of the purple rewards are souls which can be farmed in game quite easily? The fact that many guilds don’t complete all tasks every week is clear, but at least this gives an opportunity for guilds to prioritise according to their needs. They may not complete the key task each week but if they shrewdly opt to sacrifice a basic set of tasks in favour of the keys then it gives them the chance to accrue more keys than they were previously able to.

The thing is those guilds are already doing that. They do Blue task then go after keys. They never go and complete purple. It does not hurt them because they were not completing before so really no changes. The middle guilds were the ones that were going to be hurt worst so the change will help them some what. The end game guilds will be able to soften the blow via doing just the ones they need unless it’s GW week then they will get LTs that week.

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This is exactly what I’ve just suggested to my guild, prior to scrolling through this thread.

I agree with the focus on blue tasks but beyond that it’s hard to speculate who does what. They probably do focus on keys but the key rewards from the new epic task may be viewed as more beneficial than other tasks containing keys. Brown tasks for example offer zero event keys, which can reward players with Kingdom mythics more often than when using gem or glory keys. It may depend on how the rewards are sequenced in the new epic task but I think a task that offers the keys salty has specified is definitely worthy of consideration as a priority over one or 2 of the existing basics.

So… release something terrible, get huge backlash. Then tweak it abit, a little bit less terrible, and hope the community will be pleased?


The other option would be no changes at all. Pick your poison.