Changes to Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (4.7)

More info on this, please. What is the new limit, which are the strings attached?

Despite being water boarded for days. No one on the beta would tell me anything other than…
Epic Tasks is the bad news…
Everything else about 4.7 is the good news.

So Epic Tasks are the string attached.


Runic/Arcane/Celestial traitstones would probably be the best replacement, those were a major part of legendary tasks. Sure, most top guilds don’t really need any more of them. It’s still better than ingots though, those aren’t even needed by casual guilds.

You should be a little more careful when looking for strings:

  • Will guild chest tiers now require a much higher amount of seals to unlock?
  • Will guild chest drop tables get “balanced” in any way, e.g. by lowering the chance to pull legendary/mythic troops?
  • Is there any prerequisite to getting the higher seals limit, e.g. at least one member having to buy some Guild Gift from the cash shop each week?
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You should be more appreciative when someone tries to help answer your question since Salty isn’t likely to.
Rather than just instantly dismiss it. :man_shrugging:


AWR is right. There are is no negative side to the guild seals news. Basically, the rest of the 4.7 changes are good/helpful. (So, epic tasks will be the only problematic change.)


Well, to be honest, it didn’t seem to contain any reliable information. You are not on the beta program, those that are didn’t want to tell you anything, and even the beta testers don’t get to see any configuration changes to things like loot tables until they go life. Not trying to be rude here, I appreciate your effort. I’m really looking for an official answer here, not some community guessing, that’s why I directed the question at Salty.


This compromise is not that much of a compromise considering that the one task is equal in cost of the 5 legendary tasks you say its going to replace. And we are now still missing the chance at a legendary or mythic troop which I feel was the real target of this update. GETTING NEW CARDS TO PROGRESS FORWARD IS THE POINT OF THIS GAME.

This part’s cool, I think it’s been a long time coming.

The epic tasks still aren’t something I like but I’ve already been around and around that discussion. Maybe they’d work better if a guild leader could enforce task priorities. I don’t know, I really don’t want to poke a stick in that hornet’s nest again.

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This is it?
Treasure troops for keys?


Something else?

Out of curiosity, I decided to compare keys gained from LTs in my guild over the last 30 weeks to the keys that will be gained from the epic red task. [Avg. of 25 LTs per week]

Total Keys from Epic Red Task

Gold Keys Glory Keys Gem Keys Event Keys
90 44 19 17

Keys from LTs

Glory Keys Gem Keys Event Keys
MEAN 150.10 57.76 24.14
MEDIAN 152 53 24

Everyone:Change the polished Turd tasks! Or make them better.


BTW i love that Emoji lol


Do you calculate keys from 5 LT’s on average?
Maybe i have an old drop pool info here on LT’s


Good point ANGI…you can’t compare keys from LTs to those awarded from epic red tasks unless they represent the same amount of gold investment.

Nope. Because that wasn’t what I wanted to see. That data was from 30 weeks of LTs with an amount average of about 25 LTs. So, basically, if you do less that 30 million LTs now, you won’t see an LT again. Therefore, I wanted to know how much loss in keys in real numbers my guild will see after the change.


The LTs gave a chance for the entire guild to get a chance at a card. If you think about every time we find a legendary or mythic card in an LT that was 30 copies given out. In no way does some extra keys per person make up for this amount of rewards. No matter how you twist it.


This! Absolutely. I want to be able to “lock out” certain tasks so that members can’t donate to it. That way I can focus on the few regular tasks and couple epic tasks instead of trying to herd cats and stop people from being tempted to just chuck 10k here and 50k there. @Saltypatra please let guild leaders lock a few tasks so that the tasks we want done get done. As much as we’d love 100% communication from all guild members… it just isn’t viable.


So, that was the average of keys of 25 LT’s per week?
Than epic task would be better

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SO 25 LTS a week 150 glory, 57.76 gem, and 24.14 event keys divided by the 5.2 epic task value is 28.8 glory 11.10 gem and 4.64 event keys per 5 Lts. It’s roughly 5.2 million gold per statue for the new Epic Tasks which gives 44 Glory, 19 Gem, and 17 event for the same price. While on the surface this seems like great compromise as long as you dont factor in the missing a chance of a random legendary or mythic troop.
Which by this math makes the trade for that chance per LT that we are now giving up for 15.2 glory, 7.9 gem and 12.36 glory keys TOTAL.


The odds of pulling a mythic troop from the keys you mentioned are between 1% and 2%. I would hazard a guess that the odds of getting a mythic troop in a legendary task are about that much. My first-order estimate is that this key task is just as good a deal as what it was replacing, though I am willing to be corrected by someone who can provide numbers rather than gut feelings.