Guild Leader Gold Movement

As a small guild that gets a lot of players through the “guild finder”, I find that many times people end up putting gold into several tasks at once without finishing any, it would be great if the guild leader had the ability to shift it from any unfinished task to combine to finish. Or the Ability to Lock task colors to force focus would work too.


I would recomend using the discord app, it has helped my guild have great communication because we all know the in game chat is horrible

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We have a discord channel, but we get a lot of members through “guild finder” so they don’t all join

As a guild leader myself (still don’t know how I got myself into this… :stuck_out_tongue:), I think your suggestions give the person in charge a little too much power. I could see smaller guild leaders abusing this to get the rewards that they want.

I think the best solution is to try and recruit people via in game chat or by the forums. Then you know those people communicate and talk and will most likely group donations if asked. Random guild finder are usually people who play the game on their own terms and don’t consider the group as a whole.


I think the point is moot anyway. Its not like the devs see what people suggest and actually implement things that players want.

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That isn’t fair to the devs. 3.2 introduces several features people had been asking for: easier selection of GW defense teams, the ability to see how your GW team performed, the points bonus to shake up the GW meta, and little things like having the bottom half of the next-higher team be visible when you collapse a team in the team selection list (I switch between two teams regularly, and not having to scroll half the time is a nice QoL improvement).


Any features ever released in any update is invariably going to contain things people asked for though right?

If you ask 100 people which number you should hit on a dartboard and every number from 1-20 gets mentioned, it doesnt really matter where you hit the board does it? You can then say, See? Those couple people over there asked for 14 and I hit it!

But if you say hey the entire community seems to be in agreement about only wanting 27 battles in GW so were going to do that! And then lo and behold such a thing is just forgotten about, you cant really claim that you implement things desired by the community.

Everything you mentioned had no business not being in the game to begin with. To then say we should give devs credit for putting it in is just disingenuous.

Also, as an aside. 3.2 is also now the version in which you are not allowed to see which troops you have already selected in the arena. Who in the community asked for that? Why would the devs ever think that was how anyone would want it? If they change it back at some point should we then give them credit for fixing a problem the community complained about?

Your real problem is that you have to rely on players from ‘Open Recruit’.

It’s understandable, my guild is in the top 50 and we still had to use Open Recruit until about 2 months ago.

Recruiting is the hardest thing about running a guild. You basically have 3 choices:

  1. Forum Ad. This is the best choice for bringing on new. reliable players. Unfortunately if you’re a ‘small guild’ you’re not likely to get a lot of responses to your ad. :unamused:

  2. Global Chat. If you have a guild member (or members) who like to do this, probably your best option. Unfortunately most people hate this job (I tried it and hated it…).

  3. Open Recruit. It’s not hopeless, a few of our best players walked in via Open Recruit. But most players you gain this way will be mediocre at best. We found that about 1/3 of those who joined via this option never played at all after joining

If they’d allow GMs to set a minimum level above 100 it might help, but they don’t. So you have to be prepared for a lot of churn, quick boots of the lemons and strict adherence to guild requirements.

One piece of wisdom I can offer: if the player joins via Open Recruit and doesn’t bother to at least pop into your Guild Chat to introduce themselves in the first 48 hours, just boot them. They are very unlikely to be worthwhile.

Put your Discord invite URL in the Guild Chat announcements and make joining Discord mandatory. Boot any who won’t join (unless they’re silently bringing in lots of rewards, but that is uncommon for ‘silent’ players), you need everyone on Discord to have an organized guild (YMMV).

good luck!


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  1. Forum Ad. This is the best choice for bringing on new. reliable players. Unfortunately if you’re a ‘small guild’ you’re not likely to get a lot of responses to your ad. :unamused:[/quote]

Tried that, only got one person interested because the players you want probably aren’t on here anyway :frowning:

Barely worth bothering with because there’s too much “noise” that swamps out the “signal”.

Yep, or they play well for a week, then disappear off and you have to decide whether to give them a week, just in case they’ve had connection problems or lost their phone or kick them immediately :frowning:

Not necessarily the case, our Guild has some very good, long term players who just play, but don’t Chat (one because he doesn’t speak much English)

I still think a “Narrowcast” ability for the Guild Leader in Chat would be a good idea (see Guild Leader “Narrowcast” to Guild members ) so they can send messages that flag up for all Members, but I won’t hold my breath…