Guild Leader "Narrowcast" to Guild members

TL;DR - If a Guild Leader posts an Announcement, it should be flagged up on the Messages Icon for the Members of that Guild.

A little background: At the moment, the Guild I am in has 30 members, but not all of them are actively participating in Guild Wars. Some have fought a few battles on Day 1, others intermittantly take part and a few haven’t taken part at all.

Now this may be that they’re not interested, but it could be they don’t know what to do or don’t realise that it’s a series of battles every day.

Our Guild Leader has posted an Announcement at the top of the Guild Chat, but if players don’t actually bother to look at the chat, they’re never going to know it’s there.

Now, yes, the GL could kick them, but that’s a bit extreme, so the suggestion is simply that if the Guild Leader posts an Announcement, it’s flagged up on the Mail icon, just like Daily Rewards or someone completing a Task.


There are many issues with the in-game chat, this being but one of them. The devs had mentioned in the past their desire to improve chat but as far as I know no specifics have been announced. In the meantime, most active guilds use something like Discord to help foster communication within the guild. :slight_smile:

Yes, my Guild has just started using Discord, but at the moment only 4 of us are actually doing so, because the others probably haven’t seen the Announcement in the chat… :sob:


Yeah, when we switched over it probably took a couple months before we had the majority of players on Discord. Now it’s a requirement to rise up the ranks within the guild. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to play in PS4, all I did was make a group msg and add everyone, bad thing is that I cannot kick from the msg, if I kick from the guild, good thing is that I am good at cooling down tempers.

i think most effective would be if guild leader could send mail announcements to guild members