Guild master direct messaging

Please add a way to push announcements or messages to guild members, both as a group and individually. Some new players join a guild and never check chat, but if we could send them an announcement or message from the guild master that popped up when they logged in or flashed in their mailbox we could engage them better. Maybe include a link in the message that brings them directly to guild chat.

I think this would allow us to engage new players better and possibly lower new player turn-over as well.

Note:I am not asking for direct/private messaging(two way), just a way to notify guild members and point them to guild chat so issues may be addressed.

Thank you


EXCELLENT suggestion! :grin:

In-game chat is really problematic in this game, and using it to run a Guild will drive you insane. My Guild uses Discord, but of course you have to get everyone to sign up… a much more difficult task than you would expect! :face_with_monocle:

Your proposed change would really help, although I’d caution that, especially if you’re using Open Recruit, a lot of those “silent” players you’re seeing simply don’t speak English.

When we used Open Recruit we’d give a new recruit 3 days to join our Discord or at least introduce himself in Guild Chat. If they didn’t-- the boot. Seems mean, but we found that no communications was the surest sign that a new member was not gonna work out…

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A discord plugin for the game would be awesome as well.

My main guild uses discord due to chat bugs, but our guild for new players is having a hard time reaching some players, even those recruited in global.

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Perhaps as simple as an exclamation point on Guild Chat (like new mail) whenever the Guild chat “Announcement” changes.


On xbox in any other guild, clan, or whatever, you have the ability to see someones gamertag and or profile- why don’t we have this on gems? Communication is awful and so difficult. It’s horrible having to constantly kick silent members for not meeting requirements, a simple direct message system would be so beneficial.

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This has been suggested before… :confused:

(Hint @devs…)