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Send Messages to Guild Members

In Guild Master every day business it is sometimes required to contact a Member directly with a private message to give or ask for informations.

Currently we all have to use 3rd party tools to communicate - and even thats not very successfull.
The ingame chat is often buggy and also not everyone uses it…

My Feature request:

Make it possible to send private messages to Guild Members via the Guild Roster.
The receiver should get the same mail notification on the map overview like for the system informations when ressources are available to collect from daily login, completed guild tasks or defense rewards.


Absolutely agree

This suggestion has come up a lot on the forum. It’s a tool that would save me time if I had it for my guild. However, I assume that the devs may not bother since the rumor is that they will add a general private message ability with the friends list eventually.

Either way, it would be nice to know if devs plan to address this issue in any way eventually.

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I also agree that this needs to be done. So issues with members are not known to The Whole Public.
Also, Then you would know They Got your Message in mailbox.
You would know members and Guild Masters have read it. Pm Friends is also a great idea :grinning:

Agreed. As guild master I need to be able to instruct guild members to read the guild instructions and to warn them if they might be in danger of losing their membership. I could also use this feature to answer their questions and provide guidance.

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Do the devs even read this stuff. This has been an issue for at least a year based on comments. If the devs don’t even respond, what’s the point of the community?

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Agreed on the needing pm.

This post was started 3 years ago? Lol

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