Guild Chat notification

I think it would be handy to have some sort of notification icon that shows there is a new comment in the guild chat, at least for the guildmasters. There’s been times where I will get a question and I am too busy bombing through explore or pvp and don’t see it for quite a while.


It’d also be cool if I could be connected to guild chat but not global. I don’t really pay attention to global chat but guild chat’s important to me.


I’d like to see what my guildies say when I’m not ingame. It might be interesting…
Also a little too often my posts get lost.

Think they need to fix how chat in general works first. As it is now I can disconnect from chat or log out/back in and each time I’ll see different messages than the previous times. It’s typically a disjointed jumble of messages that you can tell there are parts of the conversation missing.

The real kicker is occasionally when you can’t even see the last message you typed yourself but obviously you know you did…


Seems too fancy.

I would just like a working Guild chat that I don’t have to reload the game to see the comments.


The easiest thing is to find a high-numbered, unused, chat channel to connect to as default.

That way you can see Guild Chat when you want, but you don’t get constant distracting messages which you’re not interested in :slight_smile:

We are hoping to update our social system including Guild chat at some point this year. :slight_smile:


I guess “at some point this year” is an improvement to SoonTM

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@JuaitoR lol

@ace52882 I would like it if you could see this as well. I think showing a number next to the chat icon would be helpful. And only a number for guild chat not something that looks at global chat. That way you can see how many messages are in guild chat since the last time you looked.

Um… You ignored the word 'hoping" indicating it could easily slide to 2019.

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My thoughts exactly

OMG please! At this point I’ll pay gems to make this happen!

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