Guild Leader important messages

Could we possibly have a function that allows the Guild Leaders to directly message a guild member or all guild members? Ideally something that doesn’t go away until the member has checked a box or read the message?
Before anyone starts pointing out Discord/PSN/Line etc I’m aware of them & use them, however my main gripe currently is with my Switch guild as not all of my members speak English, or seem to connect to world / guild chat ever. Also bear in mind a lot of Switch players may not be gaming vets so won’t have heard of 3rd party chat apps…
Because of this, I can’t get across simple instructions & resorting to adding it to the guild recruitment box just doesn’t seem to work.
Any suggestions or anyone having the same issue?


You cant because of console privacy restrictions. That’s why the mail feature was removed that was originally planned for chat.


Ah poop. Looks like we have no chance then & I just need to fall lucky with recruits that actually communicate :upside_down_face:

I hear rumors there are programs that let you use the internet to talk to guild members even if they aren’t on the console at this moment, and even from other computers and smartphones.

Wow really? Is there one that lets you sign them up to such programs too, as my issue is the fact that they’re not currently?


Aha I just read the rest of your first post.

You are facing a problem all guild leaders face. Let me pose a question. If you already feel:

  • You cannot convince your players to universally participate in a Discord/etc. chat…
  • You cannot convince your players to read guild or global chat…
  • Not all of your players speak the language you use to communicate guild information…

…what makes you think GoW having some kind of DM feature would make you more able to communicate with your guild members who are actively avoiding guild communication?

If they are interfering with your goals as a guild, replace them with people who will check for instructions and follow them. If their game output is worth more to your guild than those goals being followed, then you’re sort of stuck with letting it be. Sending them a DM will not likely change how they play.

I get all that, and I do replace those who don’t participate or go missing for over a week - however Switch is already so damn hard to recruit for despite being on virtually every resource available to me as a guild leader.
I have a great core of people, I can also see the issue if someone’s first experience of chat on Switch is with the plague of 10-year olds that seem to be constantly on it. If they simply don’t understand that 001 is not how the guild actually works then I can understand them not joining in (chat is one of the only things Luther doesn’t show his mug to explain in an annoying pop up iirc :joy:).
I was asking for potentially just a 1-way street, something as simple as them receiving a message like “Hey, do your gw or I’ll have no choice but to let you go”. At least then I know I’ve tried…

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This is why i require all members to be added to xbox message groups for pets and events (primarily for ToD scouting). This means that if someone wants to join my guild, they are required to provide their gamertag.

Establishing communication channels is a pain point that isn’t easy to work through. When i reached that point, i had to replace half a dozen people because they wouldn’t. It does limit who i can recruit, but if the game isn’t serious enough for them to want to play tower of doom correctly, and they don’t care enough about their guildates’ progression to notify everyone of a pet rescue in the event others are playing something else, they don’t belong in the guild.

I knows that sounds harsh, but unless communication is required, you aren’t going to have any option but to kick anyone who you have doubts about, regardless of what might be going on with them.

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Which is fine on console generally, I tend to not allow anyone into my PS4 guild unless I speak to them first & we can access their PSN info from the guild screen to have a chat anyway.
Switch guilds as far as I’m aware are mainly relying on walk-ups as recruitment is dead & there is no way to see anyone’s profile to message them externally as it’s not a feature provided by Nintendo. Plus as I said before, a lot of Switch players are new to both the game & in a lot of cases, gaming in general so the knowledge of guilds & outside communication apps may well be lacking.
The people I’ve recruited personally & the guys who join & say hello in chat are the very good nucleus that I currently have, it’s the fringe players I have trouble with & they may have the potential but not the understanding - this is why I was wondering if even a 1-way message would solve some of this across all platforms & maybe go a long way towards player retention too?

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