Allow Guild Leaders to direct message all members

Dear Jeto, Kafka and other hard working Devs,
Would you please reconsider the function for the Guild Leader and/or Co Leader (who has the ability to change the Guild Announcements) to push out direct messages (which are translatable to their languages which you have GoW in) to all guild members?

Our guild has a lot of players that either don’t read the chat or speak English. We are open to new players at level 30 and it’s very challenging to help them out.

Having the ability to send out announcements prior to events and posting key information on new updates/features of the game would be extremely helpful for the Guild and players, especially if these messages have the option to be translated with one click.

At the moment, we have to guess their language and use google translate to type it in Chat in both languages but this is mostly not seen when they don’t have the chat on.

In addition, having the ability to translate the Guild Chat messages would make it more appealing for players from all over the world to participate and read the chat.

Other newer games have this feature and it would be beneficial for GoW to adopt a similar feature to encourage more players and the feeling of unity as a Guild. (I can provide examples if required)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I am aware that this topic as been brought up before in the past and I hope if there is enough player support for this, it will be brought to the table for the Devs to discuss.

Anam Cara
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Direct messages in game would be great, not only for guild leaders but in general, almost all games of this kind have that feature

Unfortunately I don’t think that they care about this


I thought that not enough people cared for this and preferred discord instead.
Maybe if there was enough of us requeating this, @Jeto or @Kafka would bring it up for us. They have been helping out with popular topics.

I prefer discord too over that useless global chat, but direct messages are different, they can allow communication with players that don’t communicate otherwise


The issue is rather, that it is one of the oldest suggestions, floating around since the early days of the game in 2014. It has been suggested and requested so many times. And nothing has happened.
I remember one statement from Kafka in a different thread about updates a couple of years ago, mentioning that a direct mail system is incredibly hard to include (without adding further details on why).

Most players have simply resignated. It won’t happen. Not as long as you can’t sell it as a premium feature for 25 Dollar per month.


The funny thing is I would pay for it as a one time upgrade like the Dragon Armor

I am not surprised, they have trouble to avoid multiple bugs with every update, imagine developing an incredibly hard mail system that almost all games with guilds have…

I think the games who have a better chat most often started later - so are newer.

At least we have a global chat.

My other game which is almost 8 years old now doesn’t even have that. But you can pin 1 comment to stay on top of the chat. And it keeps 50 messages (all of which are limited in characters) so we’re somewhat better off.

At least we have emojis. :joy:

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Because those can be sold for gems.

I may not have as much expectations as others about chats. The only parts, I would like to see improvements in, would be a way to copy messages into clipboard (so that I don’t have to copy links by hand) and a couple more lines to read back.
Well, maybe an online/offline list in guild chat would be neat, but that may crunch the screen too far, and may also be unreliable.

Older chats tend to be more minimalistic, true. Another game, I am playing since 2010, is still doing fine with a chat, that has one colour for messages, another for status reports like level ups, and that’s it.
Don’t know, what else I would need there.

A game chat in my eyes is a background feature, that does no more than allow me to send and receive messages in a group room (reasons #4 and #11, why I don’t like the leviathan Discord with its bloated interface and CPU demands).

[grumpy old man mode] Back in the IRC days, you would have gotten a 30 minute kickban for using coloured text.

Yeah I know. It wasn’t something I seriously think has any actual value in terms of being useful. :sweat_smile:

I absolutely don’t mind simplicity, but it should have usability. Emojis - pfff.

An actual message board for guild leaders would be good as we constantly have to explain what the devs now made more complicated. That’s much better in the other game I play where they send out update “cliff notes” with a link to the forums for a more deep dive. And those messages stay in the news section for a while so people have team to read up on them.

But since we don’t get that here, I constantly gave to explain things (me and some others who are more in the know - im fortunately not alone, and sometimes people explain things to me as well).

For guild leaders, more abilities to communicate are essential. We shouldn’t need discord for that.

While I personally like discord a lot, I also liked IRC. Both have and are enabling me to get in touch with people, in groups or in private.

I don’t need colors or emojis ingame - what I would need is a private messaging system or a guild messaging system that ideally shows a popup if I send an announcement as the GL - or both.

And a messaging board that I can pin important information to, separate from the chat, that players can read again if needed (could be a combo thing, I post on the message board as GL, it creates an announcement and pop up - not too intrusive, of course, but distinct and noticeable).

We will likely never get any of that because guild communication isn’t seen as anything important, and definitely not as something that they can monetize - so I use discord for that purpose.

Could be worse. The other game’s community ended up on LINE which I personally find lacking in so many aspects…


I was thinking about this again especially after reading what @sylverscale said in the post (Please reorder the Victory cards more sensibly) that perhaps the devs bank on many guilds not helping each other out and thus spending more gems.

Yes, maybe it is too hard to program direct messages to individual guild members, but we have the ability to message everyone already. The game already does it to announce updates, apologize for issues caused and then to explain compensation issued to players. If the game can already message everyone a text into their message box, could it be adaptable for Guild leaders to message everyone a text as well?

I would really love to use this to send everyone the ToD rooms to unlock, etc. It would also have been super helpful this week to explain the World Event scoring because it isn’t intuitive that the lower rarity battle score higher than the Eye of Arges mythic battle.

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

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Would be appreciated. That way a GM can ask players directly to participate in events etc…


+1 wholeheartedly!


I will bump the request we have for in game communiation features like the in chat translator, or a more prominent Guild Announcement feature.

If you have suggestions on how to make guild announcements/or guild communication better without the use of a private messaging feature or for us to build our own in game discord (we’re game devs, we leave the chat dev to the experts :slight_smile: ) then please do share them and we’ll pass them on.


Thank you, thank you, thank you @Kafka!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You have my profound gratitude :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There are so many people we could help with this feature. I’m so excited even at the thought of this possibility! :pray: :dancer: :partying_face:

I am sure some of our forum members will have great ideas - between all of us, we have some very smart folks.

Thank you again. You’re the best!

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:
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@Kafka I did some preliminary research although this is totally not my area of expertise (disclaimer) and I found a starting point that might be helpful to your team. It might be something that they already know about but from what I understand it does provide direct messaging and it is offered in 22 different languages.

Hope this helps going forward or at least helps eliminates some brainstorming ideas. :))

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

ps I originally saw this feature in another mobile game which I can provide the name of.