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Guild Chat new message notification/Guild War Attack reminder

With Guild Wars making it’s debut, a crucial feature has demanded it’s existence. We desperately need a way to let Guild Members know there are new messages in Guild Chat, a way to direct message Members or a way to mass distribute a Guild Announcement/Message to Member inboxes. Perhaps even a daily reminder to complete Guild War Attacks issued by the system within Player inboxes would suffice.

In my guild, we have 30/30 Members, all of whom are fairly active in regular gameplay but only 5 or 6 participating in Guild Wars. While we have made several announcements and discussed it regularly in Guild Chat, few of our members seem to check the Chat. Having the ability to alert Members of Announcements can absolutely contribute to the outcome of the Guild War.

This hiccup aside, we are really enjoying Guild Wars. It’s an awesome addition to an already addictive game! Thanks, Devs for putting in the effort and dedication to keep your Players happy!


The chat still requires a notification icon. Is not it?