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Alerting the Guild

Ever wanted to ensure your guild mates check the chat for any particular reason?

A tool for the Guild Master only which allows them to ‘nudge’ everyone in the guild, informing them that there’s something you’d like them to read in the guild chat. This should be limited to a certain amount of times per day or something along those lines to prevent it being spammed.

This could come through in the mail, as a notification simply saying “[Guild Masters Name here] would like you to check chat”.

Everyone checks their mail when there’s that small alert, but not everyone checks guild chat.

I’m not actually the leader of a guild, but this seems like it could be beneficial to those that are.


This is a great idea! It would be a great tool for guild leaders to have so they can communicate better with their guild mates.

Perhaps the message could even be displayed in their mail?

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I’d prefer to be able to send a message to people in my guild instead of sending a nudge. Guild chat is still unreliable. Also, it would be hard for people to find important messages within guild chat since people will sign on and check chat at various times. If you have a busy guild chat, the relevant lines may not even be available any longer.

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That one - but it would have to remain after using “claim all” - or at least that’s a good idea I think. I’m not particularly for the original idea, as the chat gets easily crammed with… chat :wink: that can have nothing to do with why you were summoned there. Considering no timestamps it can be really difficult to tell what the notification was really about.
Or the chat just needs a do-over. For me adding those timestamps is most important.

Probably should’ve said the little box above chat where the message stays put. But the renditions you guys have said are just as good, if not better.