I thought guild chat was supposed to be improved?

From all the hype, I had the impression that guild chat is going to be better, resolving the main problem people had with it - the limited space per message, and the limit to 50 messages.

But as it turns out, it has now become worse, all limits are in place, and with the added clutter from people unlocking things, there is now much less room for actual chat, and our old messages now disappear much faster, so anyone not logged in often enough will miss any meaningful chat and will only see a wall of unlocks.

I believe these messages should be turned off. Any thoughts?

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wish it was toggle-able specially the global chat one.

You can leave. Or switch to an obscure channel.

also the guild.

Thanks for the feedback.

The new chat to global real-time was quite a large change, and like anything there’s going to be a bit of teething once it reaches the masses. There are some oversights by us that we only really noticed now it’s live, like the event messages (like Kingdom unlocks) coming through too often. We will look to fix these for 1.0.9 if we can, or for the very latest 2.0. We’ll also increase the limits too and address any other common annoyances that pop up.

For now, regarding the limits. We still save 50 guild chat messages (that have been typed) to the guild. So if you have been offline for a while, and log back in, you wont see the event messages filling up the guild chat and should see the 50 most recent messages.

Also for now if you don’t want global chat but do want guild chat, as suggested you can change to a channel that is quite obscure, but stay logged into Guild chat. But we’ll look to make this more flexible in the future.


Wait, then I can’t even see guild chat unless I’m connected to a global chat? that’s ‘nice’. Also how do I change the channel, leaving and rejoining got me into the same channel again.

Now I noticed that the clutter messages aren’t saved, and disappear when you re-login. That indeed makes the problem somewhat smaller.

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I don’t seem to have any messages saving if I’m not in an area where I can get the little pop-up notifications - i.e. I’m opening keys, no notifications, I go back to the chat window after 10 minutes and the last thing I see is what I said before…

Timestamps in chat would be nice! … Please?!

global channels 900 through 999 are silent (per other thread and dev) :slight_smile:

Would be nice to get rid of all the announcements :slight_smile:

They said they’re going to tune this.

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Then I’m already looking forward to the next patch/update, where the chatroom has been improved.

It must have been tricky to embed a chat engine to the game, I can imagine you had to choose from a dozen
or even more.

The chat seems to be fine but there are so many rooms and some of them are muted rooms.