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1.0.9: Can global chat be turned off but guild chat be kept on?

Like the title says: Can you turn off the global channel but keep the guild channel on?

I really don’t need messages and achievements from random people flashing on my screen. I don’t mind having those things from my guildmates, but why would I want that from completely random people?


Totally agree!

Currently it can’t. We will look add this feature in though.

As a workaround for now, you can try switching channels to an obscure channel number, without much activity in it.

Thanks for the response Andrew.

This is unfortunate, and also a bit of a strange development (and IMHO a bit of an error with regards to how the dev team designed it)

So you’ve essentially left me with 3 choices:
1 - Leave the chat on and get totally spammed by messages from completely random people.
2 - Switching to obscure channels and I guess keep switching when that channel’s activity increases.
3 - Turn it all off and have no way of communicating with my guildmates.

None of these choices are as good as the old guild chat system, IMHO.
So, basically, this part of the patch actually broke a part of the game that was working well (or at least working better than it is now)

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I’ve just made the chat channels 990-999 all silent channels. You can join them, but no messages can be sent/received in them.

That’s probably the best we can do for now, we’ll see if we can make this more clear to users who are experiencing similar issues.


Thank you!

Great news! Thanks! :smiley:

Whoa… new guy?

No Andrew has been around since the beginning. He doesn’t pop up on the forums as much as Sirrian and me.

I agree completely with this. I for one could not care less about Global Chat, and yet I have to go through it just to talk with my guild? Why couldn’t the guild chat have been kept separate and left where it was? At least that way, it would still be possible to communicate with them:

Not to mention, when it is working, the Guild tab has a habit of disappearing:

That’s actually one of the first things I did, but it doesn’t really help with the above problems…

I think we can safely say that notifications for legendaries can be restricted to new legendaries that the player doesn’t have. i.e. nobody cares that the lvl1000 player got their fifteenth Silent One or Gorgotha or whatnot. It isn’t the same as that lvl200 player finally getting Sheggra.


@Andrew the mute on these chats appears to not have survived the server issues this morning.

This explains why i see nothing in the chat.