Global chat channels

I have no clue what’s going on with those global channels. Each time I enter the game I’m moved to a higher channel, but they are 99% of the time empty, no one is speaking anything. I really don’t understand how did the devs defined “global chat”. Is it first 30 people to get to 1 channel will chat there, next 30 will enter channel number 2 and chat there etc. But that is not global chat at all I can’t literally chat with no one in the game (except with my guild in guild chat which I like).
I don’t understand how they intended for it to work, but it sure isn’t a global chat.

Well, pick a number for us Forum Trolls and we’ll come pest you. :wink:

I’m in 999 with a couple other people, but I’m offline right now.

Unfortunately the chat is having some technical issues at the moment which we’ll be looking at today. Most of the first 150 channels are actually quite full, and I think hat may be our problem - the server may be struggling to keep up with the high demand.