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Guild Chat on Switch, Devs - have you used it?

Been meaning to post about this for a while. Guild chat on switch, at least for me…, is unusable.

It rarely refreshes. I try to disconnect/connect and sometimes that will show new messages.

Often times, ill disconnect/connect and it will show new messages and do the same process an hour later and it will remove the messages it showed previously with no new messages.

Random messages will show in a thread that are out of context and the next day you will see that all the context messages show up.

It seems terribly bugged…

Yes, we try to push discussion to discord but not having something as simple as guild chat working correctly definitely hinders the experience and makes communication a total chore…

Don’t worry though… Global seems perfectly fine so we can always see who is crushing on who and which 10 y/o’s virtually transform themselves into vampires and bite each other.

Any help or is it just broken?

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God I love Switch global chat :joy: :joy: :joy:

Do you fully exit the game between play sessions?
Do you leave the game running in the background while you play on the go (ie changing connection with the game running)

These sorts of things can cause chat issues and unfortunately Guild chat is usually the first to fall over.

Also, the game chat will be improved in the next Switch update although I don’t have an ETA for when that will be released just yet sorry!

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fwiw, i do close down the app often as my kid plays other games on the switch.

Chat just seems to update sporadically and i cant seem to find a method to make it update.

The fact that it will update, and then hours later a refresh may remove the previously shown lines tells me it has trouble syncing with the DB.

Unfortunately, it is so unreliable that most people dont bother to use it anymore.

Switch needs quite a few updates! Lets hope they are coming soon!

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