Ingame Guild Chat Log needs to be extended x 3 or x 5 times

We do have a Discord channel, BUT we are also very active in the Guild Chat.

It is very frustrating to see that the ingame guild chat only takes about 30 messages. This means many of our members doesnt get to catch up with messages as they get deleted. Not everyone is on Discord or likes Discord.


Did you know if you increase the graphics quality to higher, you get to see more guild chat history?


Not a solution, just a temp workaround. Ideally, they could add “See more…” at the top of the chat and we could load more messages when needed. Pretty sure they’re not actually “deleted” for a long time, they just don’t get retrieved.


Oh, had no clue. My computer sucks, but will try and see one setting above. Cheers!

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tried medium, could see a tad more than on low.

tried then high and could see about 10 more. Unreal fascinating that this setting is based around the grahpics settings. lol

There gotta be a ton of potential here… to do something different.


What does graphics quality have to do with the chat log? :joy: