Guild upgrade


Right now the guilds are boring, all you do is deposit gold and kill the common quest. No adventure no excitement. I thinking about two things:
1 - < Guild “Lotery” Forge > In some point of the game, players have lots of unsed ingots. Why not make same as “upgraded” guild task. When you rish some amount gold, get present. So guild members donate whe ingots and get bonus, like keys or stones or orbs.
2 - < Guild Adventures > Make same as kingdon adventures. Activeting for all guild members, instead of donating gold, better drop treasure maps or trainstones and get some reward as gold or even deeds and orbs.

Hope for understanding

The guilds arent boring, you donate gold for rewards and to level up your guilds statues, you collect seals to upgrade the guild chest for a better chance at mythics, you also play guild events which are fun most of the time and you have guildmate gifts to send to guildmates. Theres even more involved if you are the guild leader or the second in command, then you have access to guild admin which you can change everything, announcements, the guild shield, reqs, and more. Plus you can chat with your guildmates, how is this boring?
Now i do think the ingot idea could be cool, it could also be a disaster depending on how its executed


I don’t find being in a guild boring. The best part about the game is being in a guild where everyone pulls together to finish the tasks, get to 40k seals and finish all stages in events.
Not all my guild mates chat but a lot do and we have fun. It’s a great group.
I doubt your suggested changes would be implemented, probably difficult to code plus it would be a fairly major change to the game.


I would like to see “guild” weapons. Of course they should be strong and expensive and the guild could donate ingots towards a weapon task and when it is completed everybody would get the weapon.
Some 3 mana powered weapon on the level of a A tier mythic troop and with similar mana cost.