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Guild Update Task Ideas?

Someone was talking in global chat about how they wished the Guildmaster could just choose to lock the souls and maps tasks, so it made me think about similar changes. Why are souls and maps even tasks to begin with? They seem rightfully outdated these days. I’m sure in the beginning people needed them, but now not so much. I think most can agree they just simply aren’t worth it. With that said, could the Devs just switch those tasks out with something more useful? At a higher cost of course. Instead of souls, how about glory or other types of keys or trait-stones or maybe come up with some different materials all together? I’m thinking maybe the Devs have something up their sleeve already for guild updates, but just in case I want to put this on their radar. I know some type of nerf was mentioned, but if we have better rewards for a higher cost it also helps slow down material “abuse.” If you have any ideas for guild tasks let’s see it. Maybe @Sirrian or @Nimhain could chime in and tell us where they’re at with the whole tasks segment of the guild update. If they can. They just tease us and leave us. :heart_eyes:

EDIT: I know there was another thread about the guild update, but it was a bit older and focused on more things. I’d like to bring guild tasks into the light and discussion.


Personally I think slowing it down for everyone is a game killer for many. If some guilds get so many rewards it essentially breaks the game then each completed guild task per week should cause an increase for subsequent tasks. Simples.

When tasks are 36k-38k that’s going to get mighty expensive. If they would put useful materials in the other 2 task slots, you would slow down how many gems and keys people get, because you’d actually have to decide what you wanted to donate to. Just for starters. That’s definitely not a fix. You also should raise costs I agree with that though. It would just be awesome to have every guild task ACTUALLY be useful.

There are new players starting every day, I imagine, and they’ll need souls and maps. They won’t have Valkyrie, armor, Tyri, looping teams, etc. Joining a guild is the best thing a new player can do to accelerate their progress, and I think it’s good that guilds have those options.

Now, giving guilds a way to choose what tasks their members can contribute to… That would help distinguish what kind of guild it is, and what kind of player they’re wanting. Communication is very poor currently, and so is the ability to track member activities.

I’m guessing that guilds and tasks are going to change so much that it will be difficult for people to compare them with what we’ve got currently, and equally difficult for people to offer meaningful suggestions at this time. The rate at which the top guilds collect gems and keys is going to come down, but hopefully the new stuff will be so exciting that nobody will really notice or care. With how much the top guilds bring in right now, they could probably lose half of it without making a noticeable impact on how quickly they max out new content.

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They don’t offer enough even to new players. All guilds have been told from the top to the bottom that it’s not a good idea to donate to these tasks, so most don’t. You could in fact be dropped from guilds by donating to those tasks. If you are a new player you probably can’t afford those tasks depending on your guild, and the rest of your guild probably isn’t donating to it. I forgot to put in my OP that I would even be fine if they upped the amounts of souls and maps and a higher cost. At the current level it’s just not worth the gold. I’m excited to see what the new guild update brings though. I’m sure we’ll be having another conversation about it later. :grin:

You can easily farm souls and maps if you need them personally. Glory Keys and Gems are much harder to farm. The relative ease of maps/souls to obtain at all levels makes these tasks essentially useless - 2 to 5 minutes to farm a task’s worth of souls or maps versus a 15 minute treasure hunt run to maybe get a couple keys or gems. They would need a much larger payout ratio to even make them worth it for newer players. Even just starting players are just a few days off getting Tyri (a guaranteed quest epic) and a Valk (several dozen glory keys/a few hundred gold keys usually), less so if they are in a guild that doesn’t waste gold doing souls and map tasks.

In the case of maps and souls, though, they’d be useless at the high end no matter how many they paid out. The same actually goes with anything else you’d try to “tempt” a higher end player into donating to instead of gems/keys (eg., traitstones), there’d be no reason to do it if they were already more readily available and you could simply get them with enough gems or keys, anyway. Any new task would basically have to be a new thing that wasn’t available any other way, only desirable at high end, and then would have to be carefully kept in check to ensure it doesn’t balloon out of control to keep the higher end players interest in order to draw their income away from gems and keys. Diminishing returns tasks would slow everyone down, but slow down top players more - I honestly hope they don’t go this route, because it would remove the vestige of progress that isn’t primarily relegated to “just wait more”. Anything else would basically just be a straight nerf at all levels (and would actually have to be pretty severe to prevent top guilds from being able to afford everything, with that being the main goal of a task rebalance).

I’d actually be for tasks where I could donate my extra maps, souls, and traitstones to turn them into something useful for the guild.

I see only having one task at a time instead of three. Slows down acquisition of top guilds, but still gives them “resources” and doesn’t punish low level players since they need those resources. Probably throw in a task giving major trait stones to slow down the repeat gem and glory key tasks.

Decent suggestion. You mean 1 slot with alternating rewards? I’m with that. I still think the map and soul rewards need to go or get better.

I was a little sarcastic (Especially with the major trait stones), but it could work if the rewards were better suited for all levels of players. Souls and maps in my opinion are not something most high level players want (Unless the Treasure map mini has a multiple use option). I also liked the idea of having a super task that would reward a card (Example Mythic) for a high price. I mean this would even make sense for end level players as all the other resources are mostly useless and when we spend 5000 glory keys and 3k gems its to get the new card. I’d rather spend my gold to definitely get the card instead of the “chance” to get it. Better idea keep three tasks: 1 Mega Task (Mythic Card), 1 Super Task ( Legendary or group of Arcanes), 1 Minor task (changes between the current choices (gems, glory keys, maps, souls, tokens).

That’s why I personally would like to see a task with glory at a higher cost. Everyone could use glory, but I remember being a low level player glory was hard for me. It would help with that. Obviously it would have to be at a high cost so players aren’t able to buy 10 packs a week from a guild lol.

My impression was that the whole point of glory was that it’s the one resource you cannot obtain any other way than by playing. I don’t see them adding anything that allows other resources to be exchanged for it, though I suppose it could be argued that Treasure Hunt already does that, to a degree. Along those lines, I also don’t think they’ll ever give people the oft-requested option to skip actually playing Treasure Hunt, and exchange their treasure maps directly for resources, no matter how low the rate of exchange.

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