Guild task rewards?


Ever since they added diamonds and lessened gems in the guild tasks, I’ve been unable to find a post about what the new rewards are for completing tasks, and the amount of gold involved total. Anyone know what these are, or have a link for this?

Thank you!


There is this.

But I am not sure if all the changes have been taken into account?


Hmm I’m not seeing what the new tasks are in this thread. I know they reduced the gems amounts by a lot, then brought them up a little when there was complaints that they were too low. Unless I’m missing it, I’m not seeing the complete list in this thread :confused:


I didn’t update it after all after the tasks were corrected, sorry. If someone knows the final numbers I can do so now (I am not in a guild and checking the task rewards is a pain if you’re not in one).


Unfortunately, I can’t provide this info. However, I would love to see it. Does anyone have the information Bolty and Lyya are asking about?