Replace guild souls reward with glory

Souls in the guilds are a tiny reward for a huge cost. I would like to see 100 glory instead.

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Maybe not 100 glory, but, yeah, amen to that, the soul task is ridiculously useless

Agreed, +1 to this


and think the same for map task

Or rather, increase it to 1000 souls, and ADD a glory task.


@Sirrian would argue that treasure maps are for the newer players and the inclusion of maps would be either big players helping lower levels or lower levels targeting what they value. The souls on the other hand, especially with necromancy and the Valkyrie, are just new players losing gold and not realizing the worth and high level players ignoring it because they can earn 100 souls in a single match.

As for the value, of glory in the tasks I would argue that 100 is about right. It’s cost represents 5 chests which is significantly less than the 12 key task. However for the cost of 7 chests players would pick up flexibility. A fair trade imho.

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I would argue with that too though : low level players don’t have money to invest in tasks, and higher level players won’t invest in it for them.

Besides, I don’t remember the cost of the 2 maps tasks, but, although maps are fairly usefull for beginners, I think all other tasks are better for them too, especially since battle cost was voided, they will now find their time better spent on battles than on treasure hunt. Not to mention traitstone farming…
I guess one will only use treasure maps as long as they don’t have a high end armor, but gem task is better for this.

Now, for the value, indeed, now that I compare your hypothetical glory rewad to the price of glory keys, it seems like a fair trade.

More souls are definitely needed so that there is less of the montionous grind feel.