Treasure maps - Purchase with other currencies

That pretty much covers it. I’d like to be able to buy maps with gems, personally. I’m probably in the minority that really likes the Treasure Hunts, as much or more than the base game. I have a pile of gems, bought the armor I wanted, and aside from using them on gem/event chests, they just kind of stockpile.

I don’t know if there’s already a rouge conversion/equality rate that would show how much glory a gem is worth, but if it were like 10 or 15 gems per map, I’d be all over it. :slight_smile:


I’d be behind this actually. :slight_smile:

Yep - great idea @dannimal We’ll look into that.
And… although you might seem like you’re in the minority on the forums, you’re actually in good company from the player base at large. In general, it’s a super-popular mode of play.


I’m a treasure hunt aficionado, @LegendMaker has so much pity he lets me play a lot of his treasure maps. :stuck_out_tongue: I never have enough of them. Sometimes I go crazy and spend 300 glories in one session just to buy some. The idea of buying them in bulk with gems is a very tempting one indeed. I can’t believe I never thought of that, this is a great idea, and I’m sure a lot of players would be interested. :slightly_smiling:

Oh, good to know that I’m not alone (or in the minority). Maybe it’s more popular among the more casual? Either way, it’s almost like zen-ish relaxation to seek out the 5-match, or the match that chains into a 5, or…

I used to think that 30 glory was too much, until I paid more attention to how much Glory I was getting in the actual run. And I consider it a win any time I get 30+ glory back (Free!). And being able to get Glory through chests is also nice.

Plus, 2-star Level 10 Whitehelm home kingdom means 40 glory per tribute. Yay!

Instead of using Gems to buy Maps, I would rather to have the option of using Gems to trade for Glory. This way people can in turn use the Glory for maps, or to meet the ascension demands of the Weekly event troops.

I myself Love the treasure map game; But why doesn’t it make sense to barter with some pirates with some gold for his precious Treasure map, We all know pirates doubt the treasure at the end, and if they can guarantee a profit, without work they would be glad to oblige.

This also makes economical sense, My biggest map was 2 vaults which didn’t even turn any keys.

If you make them only purchasable with Glory and Gems, Why not remove the gold reward from vaults?

I’m sure i’m not alone in thinking the reward for effort in Treasure Maps seem a little… Lackluster atm.

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I have oodles of treasure maps I’d be happy to sell to someone for gems. Oh wait, the game doesn’t support that…

I also enjoy TH, and since I started using Treant/Alchemist/Valkyrie/banshee for soul collecting, I’ve been getting over-run with maps with their looping and board dropping abilities they give. (The wife also uses mine when she runs out, but she’s also been getting some lately as well using the same team.) - Just fun to play and breaks up the daily grinding of constant battles. … I would actually like to see possible additional mini-games myself. Just keeps the game from becoming too mundane.

But don’t feel bad, @Teddy my best is 4 Vaults along with 4 red and 5 Green chests, and I didn’t see any keys what-so-ever either. :slight_smile: I did receive around 3k+, plus some souls and gems. But nope, no keys. … My wife has bested me on this though, and she actually had one session where she got 5 Vaults. But, my son and I were helping her throughout though, so she only gets 33% credit! :smiley:

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