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Treasure Map solution: trade 10 maps for 1 gem

According to the latest stream by @Saltypatra , the devs cannot come to a nice decision about treasure maps because huge piles of these maps will turn into piles of something useful, and it will give an instant advantage to older players (who collected many maps) over novices.

But this simple solution will just give 1000 gems to a player with 10k maps. Not very big piece of advantage, is it?

It can be not just gems, but glory, or gold, or mix of some resources. So people can simply sell all of their treasure maps, or hold some 50-100 for casual hunting.

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An alternative would be to use the player’s level as a modifier.

NB I’m picking numbers out of the air here, so don’t shoot the idea down if you don’t like the mulitipliers, it’s just to see whether the concept would work

So if you’re:

Level 1 you get 10 Gems per map

Level 10 gets 10 gems per 10 maps

Level 100 gets 10 gems per 100 maps

Level 1000 gets 10 gems per 1000 maps

(Or something like this)

This means that lower level players get a boost, whereas higher level players can, at least, get rid of the thousands of maps that are doing them no good at all.

There’s no way you will be able to cash in ANYTHING for gems in this game. Will never ever happen. They dropped them from LTs. They nerfed them in guild tasks. They dropped daily tasks & snotstone events. They then gave us 7 miles of lies about “gem value” for adventure board.


at this point more realistic cash in would be 1 map for 10 gold

Yeah, why not?

No, would be 10 map 1 common ingot, or 10 map 1 Chaos Shards, 10 map 1 Coin Purse or 10 map 1 white pet food,

My idea used Ingots AND treasure maps and limited it weekly.