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Smelting Ingots into Gold!

Pattern Resource 1 Resource 2 Crafted Item Limit
Mythic Smelt Mythic Ingot x10 Treasure Map x100 250,000 Gold 1 Per Week
Legendary Smelt Legendary Ingot x10 Treasure Map x50 100,000 Gold 2 Per Week
Epic Smelt Epic Ingot x10 Treasure Map x25 25,000 Gold 3 Per Week
Ultra-Rare Smelt Ultra-Rare Ingot x10 Treasure Map x10 5,000 Gold 4 Per Week
Rare Smelt Rare Ingot x10 Treasure Map x5 1,000 Gold 5 Per Week
Common Smelt Common Ingot x10 Treasure Map x1 500 Gold Unlimited

Behold! Numbers are in no way balanced because I’m not a developer so I just made them up.


This guy needs a corner office for this idea


This is one of the most creative ideas I have seen in a long time. Bravo!! I would love to see this implemented in some fashion.


You could multiply each required resource by 10, and divide the reward by 100, and I would still +1 the idea.

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Would LOVE to see this done. Not any hope though

I actually wouldn’t mind if the opposite was also introduced :innocent:
Mostly for the sake of completionism I could use a bunch more epic (and also legendary and mythic) ingots.

Legendary and Mythic ingots? Do PvP and especially Delves. You’ll be swimming in them. And once your delve renown is sufficiently high, you’ll be getting so many ingots every day you’ll be able to make epic ingots without breaking a sweat.


I dislike PvP for several reasons. Delves are on my to do list, but I’m slogging my way through other stuff first. Currently I’m receiving 9 ingots per day, but since I wasn’t around when they were introduced I have quite a backlog.

Please note that I said -I wouldn’t mind- gold to ingots, not that I consider it essential or priority :wink:

Unfortunately that’s both solving a problem (“useless” excess of materials) and making it easier for the playerbase to get gold. So it is unlikely to be implemented.

Instead “every time you get an ingot drop, X amount of gold is removed from your total as a smelting fee” would be more of a dev-approved idea.

Looks great and also diversifies the farming. However I don’t see why there should be a limit per week. It just makes it a chore where you gotta remember yet another thing “Have I done this weeks smelting?”. That’s not good design, that annoying (in general in games). I’d rather there was a higher cost but unlimited tbh. These things should be “whenever you need it it want to” not “do it weekly like everythign else”.

Otherwise, great use of a resource I assume many don’t use that much lategame.

Basically to make it an even playing field. There are players with thousands upon thousands of ingots and treasure maps. Not sure if it really matters, but I just figured if something like this ever did get implemented, there’d be a limit…


Well the game is balanced around troops and the people with that many ingots (and nothing to use them on) usually already have most of the troops they need. I don’t think they’d even need the gold but would at least contribute it towards the guild and maybe other gamers in their guild. Ultimately that is what gold is for really. I just would rather have a different kind of limit than the one where you have to have yet another thing to thing about (same as daily grind being a bit annoying with delves, dungeons, adventures and such always having to be checked, unless you wanna miss out). Just my 5 cents. I still love the idea!

So the problem, ultimately, would be that no matter what the resource cost was (100 ingots and 1000 maps or no maps or whatever), there are people with enough stockpiles that they would get millions and millions of gold and, and that would translate to many more legendary tasks than Devs want players to get per week, which means more chances at mythic troops, which means players spending less money…

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Well yes, viewed from their poerspective (money) I can see why they’d limit it but viewed from a PvP perspective (balance) I don’t. Obviously they would want people spending more and not less, as any sensible business does, but I thought maybe they could limit it some other way. Or simply make it that you need many more ingots and it not being such a big deal. You won’t rush to farm them, but you get at least something for the accumulated stuff, right? Something along those lines.

They should do something similar with Treasure Maps, like convert 10 Treasure Maps into 1 Writ. Or something.

Writs are heavily controlled to make us progress slowly.
Veterans have literally millions of maps.
This particular combination is definitely not going to happen.

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Not literally millions, but tens of thousands yes. I can believe there are some people out there with close to one hundred thousand. I’ve been playing since uh July 2018 and I have just under 8000. I imagine if I never did a treasure hunt ever, I’d have over 8000 (yeah, I’ve used a lot sadly…). So it’s possible some people out there have 50-100k.

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