Treasure Hunt Idea

What about if we can use more maps to obtain a multiplier in Treasure Hunt?
Nothing too generous that can affect game economics but something like could compensate the time consumption of that mini game to make it useful.

An example could be:

Use 1 map = Multiplier x 1
Use 5 maps = Multiplier x 2
Use 10 maps = Multiplier x 3

Sure you will get less rewards than using the maps individualy BUT you will be saving time and would be using all those maps we all probably have saved.

Its just an idea and open to suggestions.

Have a nice day!


Such small multipliers? I’d rather vote for x5 and x9 for 5 and 10 maps in a bunch.

The problem with that is most players have hundreds or even thousands of maps, and would break game economics.

I think the multipliers i mentioned are fair, and if you wont like to afford them you can always do one map at the time.

There must always be a balance, i prefer to lose some maps for gaining the multiplier than lose time.

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This has already been suggested literally dozens of times.

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Yes, the problem exists. And it would be very good to have an alternate use for Treasure Maps. Sell them for gold, or souls, or glory - just one option, for example.


One more time wont hurt anybody :joy:


Although it’s a good idea, it’ll probably never happen due to the publisher’s greed, (look at the ridiculous prices for anything that requires actual money).

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You never know, i agree is a long shot, but is one worth to try.

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I’m starting to believe there will never be changes or boosts to treasure map rewards due to so many people sitting on thousands of maps. I would gladly trade mine in the forge for absolutely anything.