Little idea for treasure maps

I have a suggestion to increase the interest of the players to the treasure maps. Due to the fact that a single map takes a long time (from 1 to 100 minutes), and because of this maps are stored and used very rarely (I have 800+ maps , and just don’t have as much time)…
I propose to introduce the use of multiple maps at once, and multiplier rewards for each subsequent for example 0.7 (if you bet 5 maps , then the reward after will be 1+4x0.7 = 3.8 multiplier) and most importantly!!! to make the multiplier decrease from the number of maps for example is 0.7 (if you bet the same 5 maps , then the initial number of moves you have is reduced by 5x0.7=3.5 … instead of starting 12 moves the player who has bet 5 maps , starting with 9 moves) it is needed to make collecting high rewards more complex if you use several maps at once, to get a multiplier.
and do not forget to put a limit on the number of maps on the basis that the number of initial moves cannot drop below 1. (on event points multiplier should not apply)

I hope my point is clear and you take to consider…
help in translation - Yandex translator =)


This has been suggested at least 10 times in the past, and thats not exaggerated.

Its a good idea of course, like the pervious were too and i support it like i supported the previous ones.


glad to hear that))

My suggestion was to make the multiplier the square root of the number of maps spent. The point was to make the gain non-linear; the more maps, the less benefit to each additional map.

yea. I was thinking about a similar formula, and this has led for example, but square root not suitable for downside moves, so I brought this formula))

@DonBoba might be underestimating the suggestion count :wink:.

Its a good suggestion, just so you know the developers have avoided multipliers for the rewards in TH for good reason. Many players have thousands if not tens of thousands of Maps.

Great idea and also have weekly leader boards for number of turns