Being able to use multiple Treasure Maps

Does anybody else feel that treasure maps have all but died after level 100 or so. They are great for quick cash in the beginning but honestly the time it takes to play a map and the rewards you get now aren’t really worth the time.

Could the Devs please consider making it to where we can use multiple maps at once for XX the rewards?

It would honestly be a thrill to even just use 5 or 10 maps at a time for 5 or 10 times the reward. It would greatly be appreciated and make them still worth having.


I never thought about it but you’re right. I have like 1000 treasure maps accumulated and have no idea what to do with them as playing them just doesn’t yield any rewards that would be worth the time to play them.

Agreed. I have over 300 racked up that are just sitting there. The event this week is for playing treasure maps and it honestly kills me to do the event because I feel my time could be managed better earning other rewards for the time it takes to complete.

I seriously doubt Treasure Hunt will ever get any kind of rework except possibly a cosmetic one or maybe adding minor new resources that weren’t originally part of it at most.

Last 18 months have been all about encouraging players to spend/buy gems for new game modes, buffing a system which gives them for free (albeit with considerable time involvement) would be counter productive to “GoW 2.0.”

I think a diminishing return benefit should be used. For example if you 2 extra maps (total of 3) to get double the amount gained. Add another 3 on top of that and you get triple.
So use
1 map= normal
3 maps= double
6 maps= triple
10 maps= quadruple
15 maps= 5 times the earned value

That way you have to use increasing numbers for the additional benefit. I’m over level 1000 and I do like doing treasure maps because you get a decent amount of a lot of things at once (though I would like to see the gold payout increased). This idea would increase the utility. I would put a limit of using 15 maps at once for a 5x benefit.

One thing I would like to see is better payout for the higher end things like chests and the vault. A vault should be worth a minimum of 5 red chest. A red chest should be worth a minimum of 5 green chests and on down through the chests. As it is your board could be worth less treasure after you move. That should never be the case. The treasure really should mount up as you do the 3,4 or 5 gem matches, not be added up based on what’s on the board after the turns end.

Now WRT to trait stones I would like to see the extra 5-gem matches you get in a cascade add to the number of turns you’ve done for getting trait stones. For example suppose you’ve done 65 turns. You trigger a 5-gem match and get 3 additional 5-gem matches in the cascade. For trait stones (or events ) you now have not 66 turns completed, but 69 turns completed. That way you get a benefit for those matches. Now you don’t.

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35814 maps here, would love to be able to use multiples for greater rewards but never gonna happen…

At least we will never ever see the horrible Treasure Hunt weekly event/time sink after this week :smile:

Unless there’s an Adventure Board that amounts to the same thing…

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yea i got a few extra maps i might like to burn up xD

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I really like your ideas here,

I don’t mind the additional maps for the rewards. Along with the idea of the extra turns that fall adding to your turns. I think that is a huge addition that should be looked into.


Your post made me think an old arcade-style function might be fun:

“Would you like 5 more turns? Insert another map…5…4…3…2…”

The map wouldn’t be worth as many base turns that way, but would make it easier for some people to make red chests and vaults and things.

It would make the value of individual runs go up, even as it decreased the value of individual maps.

Because many players already don’t value their maps, devaluing them a bit doesn’t really hurt players (those who want full individual-map value could just avoid extending their runs)

Because devs have an incentive for reducing many players’ stockpiles, they also have a reason to implement something along similar lines…

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I see this request pop up every few months, and have for about three years. Not gonna happen.
In fact, any request that can be broken down to ‘Give us more X’ where X=loot is not gonna happen.
Would be nice though.


I like that idea! They could put a cap on the number of maps you can use if they didn’t want people to go on infinite treasure hunt runs.


very cool idea!