Allow us to use multiples of treasure maps

Treasure hunt is fun by itself as it plays slightly different than regular matches, but honestly the payout is quite low.

Longtime players have treasure maps out the wazoo just sitting there.

Allow us to use multiple maps up to 25 to multiply the payout.


Never gonna happen. And get’s asked about every three or four months, for about the last three years.


An alternative then: convert X maps into Y extra moves?


Hah, I thought you were just pulling my leg. But I started scrolling and reading other suggestions and there it was, June 26th.

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I would be for that change as we’ll, more turns for more maps. Kinda like the old quarter burners in the arcade.


Would be a benefit to both them and the people with an excess of maps to get a larger payout with a lesser multiplier for maps used. 1 map=normal payout, 5 maps = 2x payout, 10 = 3x, 20 = 4x, etc. I just threw these numbers out there to give an example of the idea.


[Puts on his cloak of +5 diabolic advocating]
The problem with a multiplier on the rewards is that it takes the same amount of time/effort to get bigger rewards. This is a very unappealing concept to the devs. Not to mention the issue of potentially creating a bigger gap between the veterans who have tons (sometimes literally) of maps and can rake in huge multipliers and the new players who are just earning their first maps.
[Drops his cloak]
The simple fact does remain that maps are collected very easily especially compared to the time required to complete one (and the impopularity of the treasure hunts). Some alternative way to use them, be it as a new or alternative currency, activating multiple at once, using them for extra moves, spend x to upgrade a coin on the board (max x per game), a different mini-game, converting them another resource/currency, would be greatly appreciated.


Fixed now.

… I mean, it feels that way …

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Obviously, the point is that we have all these resources piled up but nothing interesting / worthwhile to spend them on.


Its just a dead resource. For me treasure maps is a totally forgetting from a long time.

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Yeah, as is, the payout is not worth the effort at all.

Seriously! Let us use more maps at a time for bigger payouts. Or trade them for something. I am sitting on 1,300 and get hundreds a week. There must be an answer because every guild I have been in complains about this issue.

To be fully honest… Who does really care about having 500 or 5000 or 50000 maps?

Do they take precious space in some sort of inventory? Do you get a popup screen every now and then asking you to spend your maps?

I have like 3k maps and it doesn’t bother me at all, as it doesn’t affect MY gameplay neither in good nor in bad.

BUT, if players with thousands of maps would be able to get 5-10x resources with same time spent as on 1x resources, it could and WILL affect the gameplay negatively for a lot of other guilds, that wants to compete on the same lb or have the bad luck of being in the same gvg.
I believe I don’t have to further explain why it’d break the competition, thus why it will never ever be implemented by the devs.