Maps Multiplier

I find myself gathering way more maps than I am doing around 80 in my inventory right now. Thought of an idea that would make my life easier and anyone else with this issue. The option to spend multiple maps for a multiplier. ie spend x amount of maps to gain x multiplier. Seems fair and saves time in doing maps.

There have been many suggestions for such. Some people have 1,000+ maps. I don’t believe there is an official solution from the devs yet, but it is likely that some form of alternative use will be added for them. There is also the possibility that treasure map rewards will eventually be buffed again.

I know there have been threads on this but I’ll bump it, so the devs keep it in mind. I’m around 150 maps and would really like some sort of multi-map usage option for decreased rewards.

599 here. And they will just keep stacking up. If I’m in the mood to play GoW, I’ll do PvP since it gives the greatest rewards (gold, trophies, glory, and souls) for time spent.

I’ve been using mine to gather souls myself. Keep around 150 of them or so, then start doing some quick matches 3-4 minutes each, and as long as I stop with green or red chest and not make safes/vaults, the soul count is usually between 100-200 each.So they work for me.

This is what I do, sure beats doing 10+ minute matches just to farm 70 (40 + 75%) Souls, which is apparently the cap.