Enough with the Treasure Maps!


I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. I’m part of a good guild that often completes all of its tasks each week. Every time the weekly event is to go hunt for treasures and get 1 token per 10 turns of the Treasure Hunt game, I complete the event. But in the weeks where the weekly event is NOT Treasure Hunt, I amass a lot more Maps than I use. I now have over 1000 Maps in my inventory. I don’t need any more.
Today I had 2 Daily Tasks that awarded me 2 and 4 Treasure Maps. I sighed and clicked on “Get different Daily Tasks” on the 2-map task only to end up with a new task that awards me… drum roll please… 4 Treasure Maps!
Can you please change the likelihood of getting Daily Tasks that award Treasure Maps down to zero once players are past a certain number of maps, like maybe 500.
While I’m at it, I have over 1M Souls in inventory. All my troops are maxed out. Can you apply the same patch to Souls?


Your idea is good and has been suggested more than once in different versions. But the likelihood that’s gonna happen is as good as zero I think… :smirk:
There has even been a Q for a tool in the soulforge to do something with souls lying around but up until now there has been no reaction. :disappointed_relieved:
Also I don’t think you’re the only one with a surplus on souls… I have 9M+ of those things floating around… :open_mouth:


I originally meant to say “stop giving us maps and souls or give us something else to do with them!!”.
Thanks for saying it for me. :slight_smile:


I will see your 1000 maps and raise you 10000.


Ok… you win… :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::stuck_out_tongue:


Like I said, I’ve been at this for only about 1½ years. I’m well aware many more people have been playing far longer than I have and therefore have a lot more useless things gathering virtual dust in their inventories.

But if all of use who’ve reached the “end game” started to demand that the devs give us something to do with all our superfluous inventory items, maybe they’ll listen.


Its worse than that.

I actually like treasure hunt. *facepalm*

Or at least I’m good at it, I’m not entirely sure I really like it anymore.


I like it too. But do you need 1000 Maps (or 10000 in your case)? No. That’s just absurd. And then to have the Daily Tasks give you even more…


I agree with taking it off weekly events
Beyond that, it doesn’t matter much, all resources eventually become surplus


A lot of players swerve the weekly event when it turns up as treasure maps even though it can be completed relatively quickly. Most consider it too painful to undertake. I would prefer it to be removed completely and replaced by no other event. There is so much going on in gems now that i would welcome a “week off” as it were to experiment with team builds and such like. People are burning out left right and centre. Treasure map event would be an appropriate casualty to help preserve the player base.


The issue is the devs thinks there is a large player base that enjoys maps. What they don’t consider is 90% of those players not knowing enough about the game to realize how inefficient time used in maps is. A lot of beginners play maps because it’s a smooth transition from bejewled or candy crush. If they removed Treasure Maps completely then they wouldn’t be missed by anyone (a few will say they miss it just to be that guy). But Treasure Maps events have to be the least completed of the weekly events.


ive prob played like 15-20k maps does that count? stop threatening muh mode guyz! xD


Players who like maps can continue to do so as a side game if my suggestion was approved, which of course it won’t be. Another issue with maps is that as weekly events go, it offers little contribution to the guild as a whole. It is more of an individual farm pursuit, generally offering less gold than its pvp/explore counterparts. There are no gnomes to be found and no trophies to be earned and you can’t ‘focus farm’ to gain souls, gold or specific stones like you can in explore. I have no issue with it as a game mode, but think it should be removed as something players feel pressured to do in its guise as a weekly event.


Wouldn’t that be nice :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Now let us pray… :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Maybe we should have a poll here to see if people really want Treasure Hunt events to stop? :thinking:

Then again, majority of forum users are end gamey and would sway the vote I think…

We should carry on believing the devs that loads of players ‘enjoy’ doing TH then :laughing:


I don’t know when i play the last map for a map event… but it was over a year. Definitely. 10 turns for 1 point gosh no thanks.
The only reason to play a map is when its a daily task that can not be rerolled or rerolled to the same damn task.
Let it ingame for the people who like it. No reason to kill it completely. But please take down this boring map farm events.


When I first started playing I legitimately was making my boyfriend use glory to by treasure maps because I didn’t understand the rest of the game. So yes you are right, beginners like treasure maps. They are easy.


Graeme you’re right, but I remember I used to play Treasure hunt to gain some souls and other supplies, but that is indeed a long time ago.
So I would think it can stay since beginning players wil still do so.
Remember… when you’re just starting with the game every little bit helps… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind playing them, but the rewards are pitiful. Either give the maps better amounts of resources so it is worth the time or let us trade in maps for an upgraded one that gives things to be excited about.


I like the second idea