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Suggestion to "fix" the new task system

i really liked the old task system, where we could get glory,gem keys, glory keys and souls as rewards. if i finish the new tasks i just have the feeling that i wasted my time for only some gems…

eg. task to win 20 matches with troops from kingdom x: I’m forced to use a most likely unleveled, untraited and inefficient team and the only fast way is to farm boring challenges. in the same time i could just play 20 pvp matches with my main team and would get 60 glory, 20 trophies and enough gold to finish a guild task on my own where not only i, but 29 other people would get 10 gems/12 glory keys.
if the devs really wanna stick to the long daily/weekly task they should give us better rewards and stuff we really need, so that we don’t have the feeling that we wasted our time.

some suggestions:

win 50 invasions - random arcane stone

kill 20 enemies with your heroes weapon- 150 glory

win 30 matches with troops from kingdom x - 1 arcane stone from that specific kingdom (e.g kethar: arcane spirit)

15 wins with red troops - 10 minor red stones

15 wins with an undead team - 400 souls

with such rewards i would finish all tasks every day and tasks would be fun again. but using an inefficient team that i would have to level/trait first for 5/10 gems? no, thanks…

I like your traitstone idea but that will more then likely never happen.
A new way to earn arcanes is coming to a future update for pc.
plus the next pvp update for console will receive better rewards with the top 1000 receiving an arcanes stone(s)

Those Rewards are way too good, but the spirit of your idea is on the right track

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Hi, new system sucks. Waste of time. Please return us old.

Great suggestions op