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Console devs, lets talk tasks

As a sufferer from gemsofwaricalism theres one thing, just one thing that constantly obstructs me from continuing my addiction, something that creates withdrawal sideeffects such as (in order of) : Irritation, confusion, hopelessness, exagerating rage including pub fights, exhaustion and finally a feeling of boredom.

How can you do this to any person… ask that to yourself’ wich will no doubt sprout the possibility of betterment… by your doctoring hand!

The clinical causes of this obstruction are a few tasks such as “win 5 revenges” (while you can only collect 3)
And the excruciating pain inducing “win 40 invasions” when youve just finished getting 1st place and wasnt exactly in the mood anymore for it.
Even worse is the “beat 8 with heros weapon” when frankly you dont even use your hero anymore and are constantly forced to recreate a hero weapon team that isnt even effective to kill 4 enemies because heros are traitless and hugely underpowered compared to proper synergy teams)
But the absolute champion of horror has got to be “put 5k into your guild” when youre trying to save up money to build your kingdoms wich is expensive as is already.

You could then say “just dont do them”, but they cannot be refreshed so youll endlessly be staring at that drasted task till at some miracle it resets by itself (wich as far as ive experienced is totally random and usually after a few days, some on the other hand never seem to refresh and have before lasted a week till i managed to actually do them, some even reset while youve just put effort in them (the heck is up with that) in the sense that you just spend 8 keys out of the 10 you needed and its gone, just gone.)

Please, please please make me not stop playing this game everytime i have another collectoin of the above as my static task list.


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Just imagine how it is to be playing this on steam or on mobile. We do not even have tasks.


the 5000 gold task for guild is nothing when you play the game a lot. the task with hero x8 kill is indeed annoying… I go with ragnagord, behemoth, celestasia and morthanis weapon for little weak hero…but I m with you about the 5 revenge win! this task had to be removed when it was “win 3 revenge” but a brilliant mind at 505 games decided to increase it to 5 !!! why not 10 on next update?

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  1. The 5,000 guild task is no big deal and encourages teamwork in a game with very little. P.S. You should be contributing to your guild not just free riding anyhow…:blush:
  2. The 40 PvP Wins/Invasions do not need to be completed in one session. And can be done simultaneously with the 10 Trophy task.

However, I agree with the spirit of this post. There is nothing to encourage me to quit faster for the day than the Win 20 PvP Invasions before the daily reset. OR The Win 5 Revenge battles before the daily reset.

Fortunately one of the Console Devs posted a response in another thread about reducing the requirements for the 20 invasions task before the daily reset.

Hopefully the LOOSE 5 PVP Defends then win the gold back in one day task will be removed before the update 2.0? that will make you loose rank when you loose defends. Should still be a month or two out for the console. (I hope)

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For the Hero kill task, use Morthani’s Scythe. If the Skulls it makes cause another enemy Troop to die, it counts as a Hero kill. You can get 4/4 Hero kills in a match with the right setup.

I use;

Hero - Morthani’s Scythe
Karakoth Banner (Purple/Purple)

i can solve your win 5 revenges easily,
a) goto your revenge menu, and pick a revenge,
b) do not hit fight , back out to invade, and invade that very same revenge player
c) win, and it counts as a revenge win,
you’ll never have to wait for revenges again,
you can keep playing a revenge in invasion , over and over again,



i dont have that weapon

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the revenge fights are the best :smiley: 500 souls for 5 fights…

except when you have 60k souls and nothin to spend em on.

maxed all troops?

Maybe dev could add a new section to the shop where you can buy minor traitstones for souls. (like, not cheap)

likr: endgame gembag’ price: 5000 souls. ~contains 20 random minor traitstones. Or something.

My favorite task is the “Unlock [insert kingdom not available on console yet]” one. Hasn’t happened in a while, but I kept getting it a couple times a week.

FYI, I’m working on a medium-sized revamp of the tasks.

Task do a few things - early tasks act as a tutorial of sorts. Guiding players around the game. Later tasks are alternative ways to earn resources.

Since so many people have finished the linear tasks, and are just doing the repeating tasks over and over, we’ve put some time into improving them. They will generally be harder, offer better rewards, and NOT refresh until the next day. So high level players will have a maximum of 4 tasks each day - but trying to clear all 4 each day would be pretty grueling…

Top task is still a daily task - it clears each day whether you finished it or not. But others will wait until they are cleared, then be blank until the next day. This allows more interesting tasks & rewards, since they are less “farmable.”

I’ll put up a complete description in the future, when the revamp is about to go live.


As long as they can be cleared, I’m for the challenge of something harder yet more rewarding.

only once per day, sounds awful


How about a hybrid system? adding new and harder tasks into the mix but keeping some of the “farmable” tasks. I have to say as a low level player tasks help me a ton. I say low level as in below level 100. I have no where near all troops maxed, nor kingdoms, nor souls. Help in these areas are a blessing! Tasks on console are a great thing, as they add more to do in the game other than arena or pvp. They keep you playing the game longer.


Depends on what it is. Getting Forge a trait isn’t bad. Getting it 10 times in a row, not so much. So yeah I would rather get 1 thing with the higher reward that may be worth 10 easy tasks now.

And I think this is also for the higher level players as lower players have other tasks geared for them.

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could you please exclude the revenges, thats the one that constantly makes me stop playing. (although 5k into guild is equally obstructive when you only make like 2k a day and still need to raise kingdom levels)

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This! Its the farmable tasks that actually make playing worthwhile… and everytime when you get non farmable tasks youre just getting bored quick because youre constantly just statically farming traitstones…

Please have atleast one line that is ALWAYS a farmable task like “win a match with 4 of the same color” etc. Please please please…


I don’t play on console, but I really like the idea of getting tasks that can rotate as they’re completed. 1 daily, 2 longer-term harder goals with big rewards, and 1 short-term “filler” task seems like fun…maybe?

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