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Console devs, lets talk tasks

I think the terms here are getting a bit confused…

There are 4 different sorts of tasks, but players don’t really seem to distinguish between them. That’s the first thing to correct. I’m hoping that the new system will make it very clear that the first task is a “daily challenge” that you need to do ASAP or lose it, while the others are “chip away at this” sort of tasks.

Trying to win 5 defense battles TODAY? - That’s frustrating. But getting a challenge to win 10 defense battles over the course of several days or a week? Much more reasonable.

The new system has tasks like “Win 20 battles using 3 unique troops from Adana” sitting next to daily tasks like “Reduce an enemy’s attack to 0.”

I’m also trying to smooth out the transition from linear tasks (that you only get one time) to repeated tasks. Used to be that around level 50-60 you were thrown into the repeated tasks. But now I’m trying to extend that to about level 150. Which means the repeating tasks can generally be more challenging (read : “fun”) even for very high-level players.

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Rotation is how they work now, that’s going away. We will see once the update comes out how the new system works. As long as they are rewarding for the effort, and comparable (or better) to the original I’m sure it will be great.

Your examples sound pretty cool but could you still make it that theres also one line that only produces easy tasks for low payouts so people will never get bored?

Like top line being daily, then a line being easy farm tasks, then a line being medium tasks and then a line hard tasks. I think that would be best so people can choose what to do according to their abillity cause like i said not everyone can do some tasks such as spend 5k on guild while youre saving for kingdoms etc and then we get stuck with nothing to do cause all tasks are of a kind that take alot of time and then you finally finish one and you then get one like trait a troop, done… bam… another spend 5k on guild grrr. So dont make it like all the lins can fill up with tasks that require 20/40 games or worse… one line with win a match with 4 same color or all troops from forest or thorns etc for small rewards like 3 goldkeys or 2k gold or something to keep the fun going.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are some tasks I cannot complete, so a skip button would be neat. For example I cannot upgrade Kingdoms anymore. Worse than this going into the arena just for a task is boring.

And last but not least, those tasks give a serious advantage to console players but I aint complaining about it.

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IF all things were equal this would be the case. But some people on the console may find it difficult to carry their console, TV, and super long power extension cord when they are out and about town to collect the Tribute packages like mobile players.

@Mr.Strange - I’d like to second what @wskill has noted.

Part of the reason I play the game is to chew through tasks. For me, it isn’t even necessarily the reward, its the objective. There is a sense of completion every time you see one rotate. Knowing I have to get 50 5-matches or even simply winning X number of matches is helpful direction - and I appreciate having some sort of direction.

You’ve already created this cycle of Direction->Completion->Reward->Direction->Completion->Reward->… It is a good system. If there aren’t farmable tasks, or if the tasks are unappealing (which there are several, currently), I can foresee logging in, completing the daily task and being bored enough to log right back out.

I’m concerned that the task changes you’re implementing are actually going to reduce player interest because they’ll end up without tasks to perform or stuck with lengthy tasks that are unappealing.

Without appealing, rotating tasks to crank through, the game could quickly become boring, due to this change.

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Your concern is noted - and I feel confident that the overhaul to the system will make you MORE excited, not less.

Right now A,B,C tasks flip to a new task the moment you finish them - which means you cycle through them very quickly until you hit one that takes a long time to finish, or which you CAN’T finish at that time. Daily tasks are similar, but you can only do one per day.

Under the new system, everything is re-imagined. So the new system presents high level players with:

1 - A daily task that you may or may not be able to finish today. But regardless it changes tomorrow.
2 - Three tasks that you can ALWAYS finish, but will often require a day or two (or three) of effort. And when finished, a new task will NOT appear until tomorrow. So even if you were an absolutely crazy player, you could finish a maximum of 4 tasks per day.

This means the rewards for the A,B,C tasks can be slightly higher, to match the increase in effort.

Also, all of this is ONLY for high-level players. The A,B,C tasks still have a long initial linear sequence, which you can rip through at your own pace. It’s only when you finish all of the linear tasks that you get to the daily cycled tasks that we’re discussing. In fact, the old linear paths only took you through level 70 or so, and that’s now been increased to level 150.

I can cycle through 10-30 tasks a day, and that’s with tasks 2and 4 being blocked, I don’t see how this new systems rewards could be comparable to what I’m getting now.

The system was never meant to support players getting that many tasks, with that many rewards. The new system should normalize things - giving casual players better rewards for their efforts, but preventing abuse.

Ok, so it is a nerf. Thanks for clearing that up

For you? Yes. But the impact will be different for different people. A smallish number of people have been totally blowing the console economy out of the water by abusing the repeating tasks. Because of that we couldn’t do a lot of smaller fixes, like preventing “level a kingdom” for people with all level 10 kingdoms, because of the disproportionate effect it would have on the abusers.

Removing the potential for abuse also allowed us to buff the system for less zealous players, and remove impediments to everyone.

He said they were working on a video detailing what they’re working on. Can we at least see what the final product is before we cry nerf?

After all if some of the rewards now include traitstones, especially even 1 arcane, then I’d be perfectly happy with that. The 2.0 PvP will show up eventually and there is a lot more gold and glory to be had from that which in turn can be dumped in the guild for the keys and gems.

Edit: ok it may be a nerf then. But still depending on the rewards, it could be well worth it.

I also agree (mostly) with @wskill and @stormbarrier. The tasks, as they are now, have a significant influence on my play and I think have helped to train be to be a better player. Like stormbarrier, I find the rewards to be a nice bonus, but what I really like is how (some of) the tasks encourage me to alter my play-style and team line-ups. Having found a line-up that works over 95% of the time against anything I run into in PVP, the tasks have been really helpful in getting me to try alternate line-ups and strategies, while also encouraging me to develop a wider range of troops (through the forge a trait and level a troop up tasks). I might miss the easy rewards of the farmable tasks that aren’t completed with actual gameplay (change your armor, contribute 5000 to your guild, make a purchase with ____, etc.), but I hope that the new system will continue to reward experimentation and developing a well-rounded play experience.


Well as he said for more casual players I’m sure it will be a great change, but for me personally the changes will be less valuable. So for others it will be a buff, but for me, it will be a nerf

What if it is a berf? They buff rewards but make them less abusable.

I’m in your position too. I also know some of the tasks just aren’t fun especially for the reward (looks at the 20 invasions which has already been mentioned it’s changing and the 5 revenges). But if they also made it where I have to win 10 times with troops from Zaejin instead of once and the prize was either a random arcane, or even an arcane from that kingdom, I’d consider that a great improvement even if I could only clear it once a day max. Even 20 fights in that case would still be far better.

(Here’s hoping they consider something like that.)

I like how you create an addictive and rewarding system and then tell me that I am abusing it when I literally can’t stop myself from playing because I want to complete ‘just one more task’ before I quit (and then one more, and one more). :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I would take gems/keys over one arcane. Especially if it’s a terrible kingdom like win 10 battles with troops from pans vale.

I respect your opinion and keys and gems are great. I just know you can easily get those from other places though.