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Console players - let's talk tasks

Hi all,

In the most recent Dev Q&A, Sirrian expressed that he is interested in seeing the daily task system overhauled before it is rolled out to PC/Mobile players. Given that the devs primarily play on PC and don’t spend a serious amount of time on console, I think it would be helpful if we could provide some feedback on the existing daily task system and how it could be improved. Daily tasks are important to me and if there are going to be changes, I hope they can be improvements.

So far, the only thing Sirrian has said for what they have in mind is that he’d like the daily tasks to include short-term repeatable tasks, a medium-term task that would take some time to accomplish and a longer-term task that would take several play-sessions to complete.

I have two specific questions that I think will help the developers as they move forward:

  1. What do you like about the existing Daily Task system and why?
  2. How would you change or improve the system? (Keeping in mind that they aren’t likely to increase the available rewards significantly, if at all).

Let’s try to keep this a positive and reasonable discussion.


Going first,
I really enjoy the challenge of trying to make teams that will work on 2 or more tasks at once. It forces me to work with different builds and use troops that I wouldn’t normally use.
I like the little bit of additional loot that I can earn, but it really isn’t that significant.
I like how most of the tasks are fairly bite-sized. You can get in, get a few battles done and they are over without having it become a lengthy grind (except for the 15 constructs tasks - why does THAT ONE have to be 15 when so many others are 5, 8 or 12?)
I love that most of the tasks can be accomplished in any battle game mode (PVP, challenge, explore or even Arena).
I think they have the right tasks in the 4 different slots - the ones that can’t always be accomplished are in slot 1 where they refresh the next day whether you complete them or not.

Overall, I don’t think the system needs a major overhaul. A bit more variety (introducing more kingdoms and troop types) and revisiting some of the rewards (4 maps, seriously?) and this should be good to go. The thing I don’t like about Sirrian’s idea is it may take away some of the ability to combine 3 or 4 tasks into one team (that can be a fun puzzle when they line up right). Or that long-term task could become a slog if it is really restrictive (like “win 75 battles with 3 constructs on your team”), or pointless if it is something like “complete 75 battles” or “earn 200 trophies” that we’ll all eventually accomplish anyway.

Edit to add: When I was starting out in the game, the daily tasks had a significant value in training me to play the game better. The linear tasks that we all work through at the beginning reinforce basic game functionality (how to level up, how to level troops, how to change armor, how to trait troops, etc) but I also learned a lot about team building and strategy by working with the tasks while accomplishing other goals.


Honestly i really don’t see much need for an overhaul. I like them as is. They’re all pretty basic and easy to finish in a not painful amount of time. I use them as an excuse to do explore and grind traitstones because i normally find that incredibly tedious. A lot of days tasks overlap. Like yesterday, win x amount with troops from zhul’kari, and x amount with troops from the same kingdom. Some days it will be x amount with troops of the same color, so you can easily hit two birds with one stone. I try not to so i can get more stone farming in. Forge a trait or train a troop to level x is a bad one imo because there are players who have their troops all leveled and/or traited and they shouldn’t not do so in case it comes up as a task. Thankfully, the first two (? I think 2, definitely the one) will change the next day if not completed. That’s nice, because unless the arena or maps net gems i hate doing those. I usually do them anyway because in this economy i’ll take every resource i can get. What i don’t like, i have to do a hard reset to change them. It would be nice if they changed when the game rolls over to the next day. All in all, i have no real complaints. It’s a nice little bonus for doing not a lot of work. I don’t see the need to make it any more complicated.


It’s just the first 1 that will change if you don’t complete it. Slots 2 through 4 won’t change until you complete them.

Arena, forge a trait and level a troop are all in slot 1, which allows those players who won’t play Arena or have all their troops maxed out to refresh the next day. That was well thought out.

Maps do come up in slots 2 to 4, but you can actually just open the maps and retreat 5 times to check that one off if you don’t want to even spend five minutes to blast through them.

It’s been awhile since i skipped any so i wasn’t sure. Except for always seeing forge a trait first i don’t usually pay attention to their order. I definitely agree that it’s all well thought out then. I never really heard anyone complain about them so i was surprised when i heard on the stream that they wanted to change them so drastically. I think it’s unnecessary work for them and their time would be better spent on other aspects of the game. It’s not broke, don’t fix it. Who knows, maybe they’ll make it really cool? We’re fortunate to get anything free so even if they suck i wouldn’t complain too much, it’ll still be free stuff. I didn’t know that about the maps. I’m not the type to back out of them anyway, five minutes for some glory, a gem or two, stones, and if i’m lucky keys is worth it to me. Again it’s something i wouldn’t otherwise do, my maps are just collecting dust.


I like them all but i would like to be able to do more, or at least add some milestones challenge

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What do you mean by this?

It could be random reward when you reach

500 trophy or wins or total damage dealed
Number of game play, number of hours

When you play you see a stats pop “it was your 3000 win” then Give key or whatever


I hope they rework them it sounds interesting what Sirrian is proposing. The daily tasks now I’ve done every single day for the last 8 months with out fail and it’s great it gives us something to do but I find them very ‘bland’ and usually way to quick to complete with the a few exceptions like win 75 matches

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I just put an updated console daily tasks refresh up for a vote a few days ago for developer discussion, including the migration to PC/Mobile. Based on the votes from last week the PC/Mobile players absolutely do not give two S%#$s about ever getting tasks now or in the future. Most Console players don’t care that much either. (All based on real votes not my opinion).

Tomorrow I will pull up the posts from 18 months ago plus anything new. After I consider improvements a bit more.

I would like some options a little bit outside the norm like “X wins without using abilities” or “buff a unit to X stat during a match”.


I second that, these tasks shouldn’t exist as they… “punish”… players that already achieved so much simply because they can upgrade their troops right away. Even if i would lose something silly, such as 5 gold keys for example, not being able to finish such tasks feels wrong and a waste of a spot for better or creative tasks.

That being said, in my experience the levelling troop tasks have always given souls. Now obviously there are areas outside of troop levelling now that requires souls but it still isn’t really that substantial.

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Current tasks are boring, but the one positive is that they work properly.

In the past, there was always one or more tasks that was broken and wouldn’t cycle until the next patch came out.

That being said, I preferred the old tasks (the ones that cycled after completion) and each task having a varied degree of length to perform. Gave me an active goal while playing. The same concept they want to implement/revamp.

The problem with the modern tasks is that most are just Win 8 battles with 3 troops from X Kingdom or 3 troops of X type. It’s not creative and I just end up choosing 3 random troops, making sure one doesn’t block Bombot… and just win with Bombot on Normal Explore.

I would prefer more creative tasks, even a kill 10 troops that use X color would be a tad more interesting.

However, I prefer working tasks over broken tasks mixed in with new tasks.


I didn’t know that about the maps. Thx. I hate that one the most. And I agree with everything you said.

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Like many others have said…

Stacking tasks
Reasonable numbers for completion
Task variety

Having to create a new team to do a task. Today I had to make a Stryx team. Constructs and Pan’s Vale are the worst (and very frequent).

More synergy. Especially if there are going to be long/medium/short tasks.
Even more variety - damage dealt, troops killed (this may cause it to bleed over to the weekly snotstone events, but I’d consider that to be a good thing)

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Your question got enough likes to get asked, which is what prompted me to start this thread in the first place. Also, every like on your post was from PC/Mobile players, so at least a few of them give, i don’t know, half a S%#$?


My two pence…
I like the daily tasks, it gives some small rewards and in some cases, pretty decent rewards. 30 gems for 75 battles is well worth it for example.
They encourage people to use less popular troops, build different teams and hopefully a nice mix that can complete multiple tasks at once.
What I don’t want to see is something that requires even more time to complete.
And yea, 15 constructs stinks but I can at least put a dawnbringer up top of three constructs with dragon banner and either explore or play casual pvp.


Most tasks are fine as they are. Some needs a little reward buff to be adequate with others.

Gain 8 match with 3 khaziel’s troop - 2000 gold
Gain x match with 3 khetar’s troop - 100 souls
Gain 8 match with 3 zulkari’s troop - 4 treasure map
Gain 8 match with 3 whitehelm’s troop - 40 glory

Those four could be upped a little bit reward wise. The rest is fine.

As for the trait a troop task, it is one of the most interesting ones. So it has to stay, 2 gem keys for that is really neat.

  1. Completely eliminate or remove the 15 Constructs hard coded task from the pool!!!
  2. Review the rewards, for real. Some rewards are worthless and the ONLY reason to do them is to clear the slot.
  3. The current algorithm/Table is completely broken due to hard codding interfering with rng tasks. If you used it for your Key/Chest the publisher would have freeked out 18 months ago.
  4. Incorporate a check list or menu that includes ALL activities for new and vetern players to see what they could be working on in game. Daily tasks/weekly/daily dungeons/GW Raid/weekly Event/PvP R1. When its completed there is a check. For example something like ‘The Division’ map menu. Please don’t copy their smart watch holo projection interface from that game to Gems as its not appropriate for fantasy.
  5. Add a few ‘fun’ and VERY rewarding tasks with low chance to spawn. They should give 3x Normal tasks rewards for something quirky and super short. Win ‘Win’ one 3T PvP with 3 Troops or win 1 Warlord IV battle with 4 ‘x race’.
  6. Continue to have the tasks work. Please don’t break them and leave them in that state for 9 months like before.
  7. Continue to Allow for multiple tasks to be completed simultaneously (like now).
  8. Continue to encourage players create new/different teams. (like now)
  9. Keep A-D short to medium. 5-8 battles We have enough grinding ones with the weekly event.
  10. A-D increase rewards and make them 4 troops color/race instead of 3 there are more than enough troops now. This is for the high level task pool.
  11. Remove the ‘change’ armor, level a kingdom, trait a troop, level a troop, etc from the 200+ hi-player pool of tasks. ABCD should all be valid. The ‘A’ task is typically very sickly.
  12. Add a new E task and include something a bit longer but still not weekly. Like 12-15 Battles AND ensure the rewards are appropriate for the number of battles.